Friday, August 26, 2005

Balik Kampung

Will MIA till 1st sept. Celebrating MERDEKA in PG.
Have fun, everyone.

My thoughts are running wild

When I started my blog, it's about my anger management inspired by a blogger, a place for me to express myself and of course, to let my friends know what I had been through lately. However after I start blogging, I always feel that something is still missing. Something that I wanted to shared with my friends.
Till today, I finally know what's missing after reading my friend's blog. Attached with her permission, and it's just one of the paragraph. I'll try to link up with her, haven't really talk with her about it. She do wrote a lot of good stuff, things that people could really ponder upon, things that could inspire people.

** English translation : What is the hinder in humans' living circle? It's communication. Thousand years ago our ancestors tried different ways to communicate with each others. Nowadays, we have language. However people now slowly forgotten the beauty of the language. They always abuse it with the negative feelings and thinking. The conversation between people is becoming victim. **

So what's missing in my blog?
Happiness. That's the answer, coz beauty reminds me of happy (^_~). I shared much of my anger, since it is suppose to be my anger management site. I shared my embarrass moments, my activities, funny stuff and people I met. May be the nearest entry come to happiness is the funny stuff, Steamboat and the beauty pageant activities.

Suppose there is nothing wrong if I didn't put happiness into my blog, even hatred blogs made it's own way to the top. But this is not what I really want. I tend to identify negative/passive people and stay far far away from them. Coz they are real energy suckers, drain all your happiness and inject you with negative feelings. Don't get me wrong that whining to friends at mamak stall is a bad thing and I'll put you into avoiding list. It's perfectly ok to release your tension, anger and worries by chatting with someone.

However, the difference is, energy suckers tend to whine EVERYTIME, EVERYDAY, EVERY SECOND. Everytime you see them, they are always unhappy, always have things to complain, always blaming people for the bad things that happened, always think that they are practicing the truth and everyone else is wrong, always have tons of excuses for their failures, always behave like the world is owing them something and they deserved something better.

It's not my intention to make my friend's day as bad as mine after reading my blog, or I would feel, that after reading the hatred in my blog, his/her happiness level will drop few hundred degrees. Even if you didn't, I'm might still guilty as polluting the beauty of the language. Anyway happy entries will be found in future, promised.

So how bad it is the language pollution in the society now? Anyone here doesn't know the word "FUCK"? If "OK" is the best known universal language in the world, I bet "Fuck" gonna substitutes it soon.

Seriously I don't think I had polluted the beauty of language. Coz the beauty lies in creating miracles for people. Don't you feel much better by giving middle finger top up by "FUCK YOU!" when bump into aunty driver who drive 10km/per hour in fast lane with a handphone chatting with the neighbor about the stray dog outside the house who just give birth to 3 little puppies and one of the puppy look just like her husband? Suppressing such tension will result in high blood pressure and higher probability to get a heart attack, and it is the fastest way to make you feel better and move on with such situation.

Now beauty of the language doesn't mean that it sounds pretty. You can't judge a book by it's cover, so do judging the essence of the language with beautiful words. If "Fuck" is making the world a better place, then it is one of the most beautiful words in the language, whether you are speaking English, Mandarin, Tamil, BM, Hokkien or Cantonese (By the way Cantonese have "Tiu" and Hokkien have "Kan ni nia", to beautify and enhance the feeling of the sentence).
Don't believe? Let me show you some examples.

Ah Lian : "Hi Ah Beng, how the fuck are you today?"

Ah Beng : "Hi Ah Lian, I'm fucking great today, thank you."

Now which part of the sentence above makes you feel bad? It sounds perfectly fine with no stress/anger/worries in it. Thus it didn't pollute the language. In fact, you can actually feel the "OHM" in it, which might jump start your day in early morning.

Of course there are many others, like the one i always used --> "Damn".

Yam Cha session at steven corner. Me, friend and his gf.

Me : Wah... the girl that just walk passed damn kau pretty leh...

Friend : No no... my gf is fucking prettier....

Friend's gf : hehe... *blush blush*

I think my friend gonna get lucky tonight.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Status : Away - brb, cleaning da room

I had a major cleaning operation in my room. Swept and mop with anti-bacteria/virus cleaner, change my bed sheet, sending my cloths for laundry, all because of I'm bringing back a hot chic tonight a mouse. Yeah~ A mouse! God Buddha knows how long I had been staying with this mouse together in the same room. Just found out when I came back. Somehow I scared the mouse when I open the door .The mouse ran and hit on the door so hard before it gets out from my room.

I drew a sketch of the mouse with paint. I think it looks cuter than the mouse in my room but it's easier to draw it this way, thanks to "How to Draw Mickey Mouse" sites.

Friday, August 12, 2005

How new plumber was born

The flood is getting worse, finally A/C called the plumber to fix the shower drain. Yes, it's stuck again. I tried everything I got, pump, broom, toilet brush, and pray. Yes, you heard it right, our PM says pray can help reduce haze. Suppose my stuck drain is a tiny problem compare to the haze, so god should be able to fix it immediately. But it all failed. Somehow I think god is too busy with the haze thingy for the moment. If you have god’s messenger ID, probably it looks like this now: “Away - brb, fixing the god satan damn haze in Malaysia”. Despite the advice from the last plumber to be careful because the drain's diameter is too small, blame the house developer for using cheap drain pipes.

This time we get another plumber to fix the problem, since the first one charged us RM80 and that's really hurt. I don't really know what the plumber was doing in there that time as he lock the bathroom door behind. This time, I decided to have a close look. Two guys came and with a glance with the drain, he says "RM200". WTF! RM200?! I can get 20 Diesel t-shirts, or 5 khakis + 1 branded t-shits, or 60 bottles of pringles, or a beautiful escort for half a day with current mega sale. I know conical mask's price goes up from RM0.50 to RM2.00 because of the haze, or a cup of Barli ice went up to RM1.30 from RM1.00 due to diesel/petrol price increment. But, what's with the plumbing? So I politely ask them go back coz I decided to call the previous plumber, and the price drop to RM130, with some "tough job" or "very hard to do" comments from them. Then A/C joins the fight, her statement of "I'll call the previous plumber" triggers them to decrease till RM100, and at the end they agree to do it for RM80. Lucky the shares I bought in main board don’t drop like that.

You can imagine how big my eyes was when they just use less than 30 seconds to fix the problem with a rubber stick. Tough job my ass. No wonder the first plumber shut the door when he was fixing the drain. Here goes my 8 diesel t-shirts.

After that I called up KP and check out the rubber stick's price, it was RM200. OMG, if I would to get con in the first place, that would be REALLY stupid. But RM80? It doesn't make me feel any better. Next time the drain gets stuck again, I'll go get my own rubber stick and do the job. After that I might be able to do part time plumbing service for you all. Ok, RM50 nett price, very cheap liao, best in PJ area. If you found cheaper price, please tell me, we can always work something out. Like 15 bottles of pringles.

Current Hottest Topic

Today I woke up, not much of smoggy smell, turn my head and look out from my window, OMG ~ I must be dreaming. The next second I'm outside my house jumping ~ yeah ~ my blue blue sky ~ it's back ~ huuuuraaayyyy ~

However my happiness just last for an hour. Before I know the haze is back, and the sky is GREY! Ask any psychologist and they'll tell you if you think your sky is grey, that's not a healthy thing. But it's ok, we all share the same grey sky, we are DOOMMED~. Damn... I wonder when I can get my blue sky back.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Embarrassing moment

Chatted with a friend today and he told me he met the most embarrassing moment in his life quite some time ago.

It was a bright sunny day and he was on his way to work using the LRT. Suddenly the LRT kinda have an emergency stop, he loose his balance and while he trying to grab something, his hand "accidentally" landed on a girl's boobs. OMG, you call that embarrassing? I would say anything like happy/excitement/dream come true/pick up ways/good beginning/jackpot/get laid/platonic/homerun/good catch/lucky/fate/touchable/firm before it leads to embarrassing. Amazingly the girl seems to be very understanding and she just smile and say "It's ok" while my friend keep apologizing.

Now, why for the thousand times I take LRT, it never emergency stop before?

Anyway I do have an embarrassing moment to share here. Remember the 911? After that some Idiot of the year announces that Malaysia is an Islamic country too. Now that's when Malaysian that travel overseas start to suffer. Imagine everytime you go through immigration, you have to go for a special "interview" where all your fingerprints and details including your grandparents name have to be surrendered? Not only this. While you on a train ride, some officer will check your passport and ask you to step aside and dig everything out from your luggage and examine every single piece of underwear your have to make sure you don't wrap a knife or bomb inside it. They would tell you they just "randomly" pick people or it's just procedure. But after I dig out the truth from an officer, well, I won't say discrimination, but think about it. If everytime you see accident and only white cars are involved, won't you say white cars are doomed? Exactly, the "random" check or procedure system was out only after 911. Things getting even worse now. If you happen to travel to US, please make sure you wear a pair of clean socks so you won't give a bad impression of Malaysian are dirty. Why? Because not only they take 10 fingerprints of yours, they take 10 toeprints too! No, it's not crazy, it makes sense to me. Coz if you are a suicide bomber, chances of leaving one or two toes or fingers at the scene after your job done is very high, and they can then trace back to your friends and grandparents, nail everyone of them down, share the "terrorist" list to the whole world, and barred all of them from going into their country.

So back to the story, I was on my way back to Malaysia from US. While passing the immigration, you are required to take of everything related to metal and out into a basket including coins and your gold teeth. I didn't take of my belt coz my jeans were loosen as I had lost some weight. When I walk pass the metal detector, the alarm went of like crazy, a metal chain door drop down in front and behind of me, and all the officer dig out their guns and pointed at me! Nah... that's didn't happen, I was mentioning embarrassing not stupidity ok ? So the alarm went off and the pretty officer was asking me what else I have. I lift up my t-shirt, pointing my belt and says, "I need this". That was the second biggest mistakes I did. The first one was I didn't zip my pants. I didn't realize that until she says "Wow..." after I point my belt. I look down and SHIT!!!!!! I think she can even sees clearly what brand is my underwear. I can't remember what I said after that, was it "Excuse me" or "While I say "I need this" I mean the belt, not my...." However I still can remember her smile.

At the end I still have to take off my belt and holding my pants with one hand to make sure the third biggest mistake doesn't happen.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Charity the right way

Damn... finally really have to go out. Coz my resources (maggie mee, potato chips, biscuits, more chips, eggs...) is running low, Been trying to avoid the haze for days by trying to be "Guai Zai" (Good Kid) by staying at home reading my "Law Of Success". By the way, MPH is having sale, they have very good deals, great books like "7 habits of highly effective people" are having 25% off.

I dropped by Maybank to get some money. When I was on my way out after withdrawing my money, 2 person nearby the door walk towards me, one from the left and one from the right. That immediately triggers my self defence mechanism. The fastest way to knock out two person at the same time is to jump up to human height and kick their face with each of my leg. Obviously I won't be able to do that now, may be I'll regret for stopping my shao lin classes ten years ago, but the best thing to do now is to RUN THE HELL OUT OF HERE ! Before I can lift my leg and start running, the two person said "Mr. want buy this ar ? for the name of CHARITY !

WTF, these people getting smarter and smarter, at the same time, annoying too. They are faster than the government, faster than the robber, faster than your gf. Before you realized they are already there to tax your monthly hard earn money. While I turn my head and say no, I saw another group near by doing the same thing. That group selling different stuff, I suppose is a different company.

Now if you didn't realize what this is all about and why I refuse to donate in the name of charity, check out this article in The star-->
100% to charity? Think again.

It's not a new thing that private company using the name of charity to do business and the news were out quite some time ago. Only 10% of the ammount collected from public goes to charity. The rest 90% will be spread among the company and the person who sold you the stuff, whatever it is, be it a bookmark, pen or pokemon. For the 10% (10cent) National Kidney Foundation’s (NKF) receive from these company, they got RM8,000 per month. NOW PLEASE do some simple calculation and thinking, RM8K for 10%, the 90% portion they earn per month is RM72,000!! HELLO PEOPLE ~ See where your money goes? You are basically doing these healthy opportunists more "CHARITY" than those who really need it.

If you have lots of money, and feel like doing some charity, please go to or and click for "Bloggers Are Morons/Hospice-At-Home-Programme, Penang branch (under the Malaysia National Cancer Society)" . Coz 100% of the money you donate will go to the chosen charity party. For this case, it is The National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Penang Branch, (HHP). But bear in mind the campaign gonna end soon, so please be hurry. If too bad and you missed the campaign and still have tons of money to get rid of, please contact WWF malaysia , or National Cancer Council (Makna).

We definitely do not need a middle man for doing charity. Please don't let these people take advantage in the name of charity.

By the way, if after charity and you still got money to spend, I'm always free for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea break, supper or shopping (^.~)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Where were I last weekend?

Miss Malaysia Pageant (Tourism) - Selangor Selection

After a few wrong turns, and massive jam due to the turf club losers rushing back home, finally reached South City plaza. Not a good place if I would to say. There are always better malls to do the Pageant. I feel like a 3 star pageant with constraint budget. Stage are not beautifully designed, but you won't be focusing much on that when the contestants catwalk around. The only thing that surprises me is the two former Miss Malaysia judges, Leng Loois~ (^_^). Can't remember who are the other male judges, and I'll be doomed if I only remember the male judges.

Somehow the crowd was very passive. The emcee has to keep on asking people to support the contestants. I wonder what happen to their supporters and family members. However I do see lots of Bangladesh around. From the crowd's response, no. 6 would be the preferred beauty, follow by no. 9, no. 12, no. 15 and no. 7. Ok, cut the crap, here's the photo you guys been waiting for.

Too less? It's already more compare to newspapers. Still not enough? Go MyD70

Presenting, the winners...

Champion (No. 8), 1st runner up at the right (No.2) and 2nd runner up at the left (no.6). Yes, I know what you wanna say, I'm shocked too. Despite how she look, which is very subjective, and judges might have kinky taste. Imagine the catwalk wasn't prefered by the judges, Q&A session screwed up, yet still Champion. She's going for Miss Malaysia Pageant Final in November, representing SELANGOR! OMG, what happened to the rest of the leng loois in Selangor? Please save Miss Malaysia Pageant next year! Luckily, the 2 other girls are going final as well. So, Selangor's still got hope.

"Celebration" with one of the winner and my best bet for Selangor state.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

From Kepong Steamboat to The Curve Halo Cafe

Finally OUG Star bookstore have their 1st outing activity, thanks to the bosses and Carin, the manager/organiser. In order to spice up the event, we had an egg opening and boiling contest near end of the steamboat session.

Announcing Egg Opening and Boiling Contest

Champion - Carmen

  • In successful of opening the egg without breaking the egg yolk, and cooked the egg nicely. Lucky me, coz I have the egg she boiled.

1st runner up - YY

  • Successful of egg opening, breaking a side of egg yolk, but the egg still can eat after boiled.

2nd runner up- Fong Fong

  • OMG, she killed the egg!

Special Stunt winner : Fong Fong

  • With the one hand egg opening skill, smashed the egg into... eerrr... indescribable... and pity Chris have to eat it.

** Pictures of egg was not shown due to explicit horror content **
...and there were only 3 contestants (-_-")

Special message : Thousand apologies to the TGV Indian staff that reserved the movie tickets for us but we can't make it in time.

Now come to the real party, it was the manager's birthday the next day. So we went to Halo Cafe at The Curve, having a countdown velebration. After wait for half an hour finally we get a table for 8 of us. It's worth the wait, where else you could find a live band singing a birthday song, 100 over peoples celebrating with you plus the manager serving the cake while everyone singing the birthday song?

Heineken joined our party too, and that's what I called CELEBRATION ~

...After heineken joined......

Happy Birthday to Carin.

P/S : The boss says tomorrow don't be late for work :P