Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Embarrassing moment

Chatted with a friend today and he told me he met the most embarrassing moment in his life quite some time ago.

It was a bright sunny day and he was on his way to work using the LRT. Suddenly the LRT kinda have an emergency stop, he loose his balance and while he trying to grab something, his hand "accidentally" landed on a girl's boobs. OMG, you call that embarrassing? I would say anything like happy/excitement/dream come true/pick up ways/good beginning/jackpot/get laid/platonic/homerun/good catch/lucky/fate/touchable/firm before it leads to embarrassing. Amazingly the girl seems to be very understanding and she just smile and say "It's ok" while my friend keep apologizing.

Now, why for the thousand times I take LRT, it never emergency stop before?

Anyway I do have an embarrassing moment to share here. Remember the 911? After that some Idiot of the year announces that Malaysia is an Islamic country too. Now that's when Malaysian that travel overseas start to suffer. Imagine everytime you go through immigration, you have to go for a special "interview" where all your fingerprints and details including your grandparents name have to be surrendered? Not only this. While you on a train ride, some officer will check your passport and ask you to step aside and dig everything out from your luggage and examine every single piece of underwear your have to make sure you don't wrap a knife or bomb inside it. They would tell you they just "randomly" pick people or it's just procedure. But after I dig out the truth from an officer, well, I won't say discrimination, but think about it. If everytime you see accident and only white cars are involved, won't you say white cars are doomed? Exactly, the "random" check or procedure system was out only after 911. Things getting even worse now. If you happen to travel to US, please make sure you wear a pair of clean socks so you won't give a bad impression of Malaysian are dirty. Why? Because not only they take 10 fingerprints of yours, they take 10 toeprints too! No, it's not crazy, it makes sense to me. Coz if you are a suicide bomber, chances of leaving one or two toes or fingers at the scene after your job done is very high, and they can then trace back to your friends and grandparents, nail everyone of them down, share the "terrorist" list to the whole world, and barred all of them from going into their country.

So back to the story, I was on my way back to Malaysia from US. While passing the immigration, you are required to take of everything related to metal and out into a basket including coins and your gold teeth. I didn't take of my belt coz my jeans were loosen as I had lost some weight. When I walk pass the metal detector, the alarm went of like crazy, a metal chain door drop down in front and behind of me, and all the officer dig out their guns and pointed at me! Nah... that's didn't happen, I was mentioning embarrassing not stupidity ok ? So the alarm went off and the pretty officer was asking me what else I have. I lift up my t-shirt, pointing my belt and says, "I need this". That was the second biggest mistakes I did. The first one was I didn't zip my pants. I didn't realize that until she says "Wow..." after I point my belt. I look down and SHIT!!!!!! I think she can even sees clearly what brand is my underwear. I can't remember what I said after that, was it "Excuse me" or "While I say "I need this" I mean the belt, not my...." However I still can remember her smile.

At the end I still have to take off my belt and holding my pants with one hand to make sure the third biggest mistake doesn't happen.


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