Saturday, July 23, 2005

Can be a self defense class advertisement

Victim : Male hunk.
Predator : Black shirt girl
Witness : red shirt girl
Location : Somewhere in KL, near mamak.
What happened : Victim was walking with red shirt girl, black shirt girl walking in front. Suddenly victim....

Victim : AAAaaaaaa ~~~~~ !!

Black shirt girl : (Turn back) huh ?

Red shirt girl : hehehe....

Victim : FEI LEI aaaaaaa ~ (Red shirt girl was molesting the victim, victim's hand infront of his chest and *censored*, securing his last line of defence...)

Strangely, nobody pays attention to the incident. Even the victim tried to shout loud.

Red shirt girl : hehe.. You shout la, no one will come and help you one, it only works for girls....

Victim : ... (-_-").....

Red shirt girl : Don't believe ar.. let me show you... FEI LEI aaa ~

Walaueh.. all the people turn and check out what happen, the nearby Indian group who invaded the parking space and start charging people for parking money were ready to become hero and all their eyes were like light saber beaming towards the victim.

Victim : .. I ... eerrr... wahahahhhaa... (trying to convince people around that it was all just a joke between friends before some hero wannabe kills him)

Red shirt girl : See ? hehehe...

Black shirt girl : (shake her head) You two nothing to do ar, go back home la...

WTF, am I in hell or what? No wonder you see more guys in the shao lin/judo/taekwondo/Aikido self defense class.


Blogger pp said...

y the girl wanna molest the guy? the guy too macho ah? hahahaha =P

7:33 PM  
Blogger way said...

hehe... yeah lo, the guy is the most macho, handsome, nice, understanding, caring and sensitive guy in the world. By the way, u know the guy too :P

3:51 PM  
Blogger pp said...

har? who is the victim? i think i dn hav such a fren who is hensem, nice, understanding, caring, sensitive n macho.. lol

8:15 PM  
Blogger way said...

haha.. try look harder, just beside u :P

4:03 PM  

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