Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Review - Books to read

Been hiding in my room for whole day, so I decided to go out and have a walk, may be I could met someone special/gorgeous/amusing/strange/idiot along the way and I'll have something to blog about.

It's been my habit of walking into MPH whenever I have the chance to go to mid valley. I use to hang out in MPH every weekend during my college final year, sitting there whole day and doing research for my final year project. Though most of the time I was reading something else like "Voodoo for dummies", "How to succeed with Women", "Photoshop" - some chapters on how to tweak your gf photo into 34 24 34 figure (yes, MPH do have these books), and so on... Suppose I should be hitting some books like XML, J2EE, Javabeans, and Javascripts but it's just too boring. I could have slept in the MRC exclusive lounge.

When I walk pass the self help section, a book caught my attention. "How to deal with people you can't stand?"...Wow... they say fishing can help train your patience against idiots, which I did try to go to arcade centre and play the fishing game, but I think this book sound more convincing.

The book identify a few types of people, such as the sniper (people who use their finger to poke other people's back), the whiner (Self explained), The think-they-know-it-all idiot, and so on. What interesting was, there is a chapter actually sound like this "How to deal with people that can't stand you". Now that's something.

However it's very technical. You can't solve a problem solely by diplomatic skill. Because it just clean the surface and the problem is still there. Imagine you wake up in a beautiful morning, bright sunlight shines into the garden, your lovely spouse just made you a balance diet breakfast, you feel that life is so wonderful and you are all ready to work your ass out for the monthly pay check. The next thing you know is some idiot crashing his 4 wheel drive into your house, knocking down everything in the house except you, your spouse and the dining table. Assume that you are not superhero, you shall remain shock for atleast another 10 seconds. The driver then come down and start swearing and greeting your parents, coz you build the house out of no where in the middle of the road, causing him to have accident. You turn to checkout your spouse, she/he is ok, but you saw she/he had been injured.

So now, you have a choice of look for the book, flip to the last page, check the glossary on "mad drivers", and apply what's in the book to solve the problem in perfect harmless diplomatic peaceful way, or you can jump up and whack the fella with "How to deal with people you can't stand?", stab, stomp, beat, punch, kick and later send him to JPJ again to retake his driving test. "Action speaks louder than words!" (Brad Sugar)

Just in case you worry that that guy is too strong for you to handle, please refer to "Awaken the giant within", and "Unlimited Power" by Anthony Robbins to release your potential power that you have. Croce's "110%" will be another good choice. You can further enhance your skill by reading "I know what you are thinking" by Lilian Glass, this will help you to predict what the idiot will do next step. What if you are too shock and don't know you should kick his ass or should call the police first ? The "7 habits of highly effective people" by Stephen R. Covey could be your choice. There you'll learn to do the correct thing at the correct time effectively.

Since we all live in 21st century, violent is not accepted widely across the nation. So another alternative is to buy a bungalow with a very big garden, plant lots of tree hedging it. In that case no idiot can ramp into your house. In order to become millionaire, "1 minute millionaire"-Robert Allan and "The millionaire next door"-Stanley, will be good reference. If you have the patience to read, rich dad series by Robert should be fine too.

Another important book you'll need to get when you come across such situation is "How To Negotiate Anything With Anyone, Anywhere Around The World" by Frank L. This is serious business, how much compensation you will get and whether you are right or wrong to build a house in the middle of the road, turning black into white, it all relies on your negotiation skills.

Lastly, you will need to polish your skills, increasing your successful rate in doing things. Ever wonder why failures always seek on you and others always seem to know what to do? It's because you dunno the rules of the game. "LAW OF SUCCESS" follow by "The master plan to success" by Napoleon hill is the ultimate books you need to have!

Now you know why reading is so important.


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