Saturday, July 09, 2005

Lunch turned into nightmare

Lunchtime, I went to the economy rice stall which I always visits.

Tauke: Handsome, eat or ta pao ?

Me (happy, coz people called me handsome, it's even harder than striking 4D number) : EAT ~ More rice please !(According to doc and psychologist one tends to eat more if he's happy)

Tauke : We got lots of good food today, like curry fish head, fried sotong...blah blah blah...

Me : No No, got gastric, doc says cannot take oily/spicy food, vege will be fine.

Tauke : No problem, we got fresh vege today.

After getting what I want, I sit down and eat at nearby table. Then there was a living creature walking in. Creature in the sense of I'm not sure he's a human or beast, with his yellow shinny teeth, bloody red eyes and golem look-alike skin. This of course, didn't scares me because I had seen slipknot

However the lumps on his face reminds me of the movie "Alien". It looks like an alien infested bulge where the small little aliens are crawling their way out from the lump. This makes me a bit uneasy due to the inner fear that been planted during my much younger age of watching alien and lost counts of nightmares relating to that. There is a Chinese proverb sound like this "知人知面不知心, 好人好面不好心" (Direct translate : know the person, know the face, dunno the heart; good person, good face, heart no good). So may be he's the kindest hearted gentleman on the earth.

Tauke : Handsome, eat or ta pao?

Creature : TA~ PAO~

OMG! Did I hear "handsome"? The first thing I did was turning my head around and checkout the mirror near the hand basin. No way! If I were to be called as handsome together with this creature, I would rather be doing bungee jumping. Trying to swallow back the rice in my mouth which I nearly throw up, my lunch seems to be harder to consume.

I always believe that things happened for a reason. The people you meet, the things you see, and the bad/good luck that happened on you, it's actually a sign! God/Buddha/Allah/Whatever is trying to tell you something. Later I found out that is true and this again strengthen my believe.

In order not to be terrified by the creature and spoiling my appetite, I decided to put all my attention on my plate of vege rice. Two eyes focusing on my lunch, eating slowly with the aid of plenty of sky juice. Nothing unusual happen until the last serve of my vege.

With the training of my final year project during my college period years ago, dealing with picture optimization and color optimization for web based and commercial advertising purpose, I developed a very sensitive color recognition towards unusual objects.
In between of the vege on the spoon which I'm going to feed into my mouth, I see something different color than my all green vege with onions. It's a slightly fairer green object with the shape of nothing related to the vege family. I used my fork to dig the greeny thing out and.... OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a god damn 1 and a half inche fat fried baby caterpillar served with vege and onions! I can tell you that my mind is totally blank at that moment, and my body's reflex system autopilot me to the nearest toilet. After I finished my business I showed it to the tauke.

Me : Your today good food fresh vege comes with jackpot.

Tauke : hehehe...soli... soli....

Seeing me doesn't buy his apologize, he continue...

Tauke : Aiya, don't worry, means the vege taste so good, even the worm wanna get a bite, somemore got protein mah...

I had to admit that I'm not adventurous enough to try fried ants, fried grasshopper, steam maggots, or vege onion caterpillar. It's just not my cup of tea. Imagine how many caterpillars I had taken in? Since I ordered a full vege meal. I was in a trauma and I told myself that I have to look at the bright side. So back to my believe. If that Hero (known as Creature before that in the above paragraph, and he saves me from eating that caterpillar) never comes in, forcing me to totally focusing on my lunch, I would have ate the worm, digested in my stomach, and the protein from the worm will contribute to the cell of my body, making my stronger, and I might turn into brother of Spiderman, THE CATEPILLAR MAN!.....EEEEEeeeeuuuuuuwwww...... Zillion thanks to my hero.

So he is the kindest hearted gentleman on the earth. Never judge a book by its cover, so as human. (finger crossed).


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