Friday, July 08, 2005

Long live malaysians

I remember once an old guy told me that "The older you live, the more things you'll see". I definitely agree for that. As malaysian getting more and more creative, innovative, and unpredictable everyday, you'll never know what you'll see the next second.

It doesn't take me too long to see crazy occurrence again. When I was on my way to work, 9.30 am in the morning, best time to travel since all the jam has gone, smooth traffic guarantee my good mood. When I arrive at the Othman roundabout, I'm surprise to see so many cars pilling up there. Must be some idiot accident again I think. However when I reach the roundabout, I was like "What the f**k!". The cause of the jam is due to an Indian aunty driving her SLK (Small Little Kancil).

Now we all know that all roundabout in malaysia are moving clockwise. Whether you have kopi license or didn't attend the pre-course before taking the driving test, by using common sense will still help you realize that you should go clockwise. Come to the worst, following the crowd will still ensure you doing the right thing. But this Indian aunty, she's driving ANTI-CLOCKWISE! You can get a clearer picture below :

So this dunno come out from where Indian aunty was inching her way to dunno where and all the cars are trying to avoid her. The best thing was, when the taxi driver honks her for that, she gave the "What's wrong with you??? look with her head slightly rose up and speak out something which no one could hear.

If she's not having a kopi license, did attend the driving class, got common sense, based on my observation, there is no "P" sticker on the windscreen, so means she is an experience driver and she should came across a roundabout before. She did this due to possible reasons stated below:

  1. She GOT CHARACTER. Ever heard people say don't follow the crowd, be your own self, walk your own road, be special ! That's what the Indian aunty is doing.
  2. She's a victim of drunken wife beater husband, just got out from the hell house, trying her best to run away from her husband. It's her first time driving a car, and her predator husband never drive her around the town so she never know roundabout is going clockwise. God/Buddha/Allah bless the Indian aunty. May the common sense be with her.
  3. It was Channel 9's last hope to save their company by airing a live "Gotcha" show. Hidden cameras were placed around the roundabout and inside the Indian aunty cars so when those people start to curse her, get irritated and taking spana/parang out from their car and ready for an action, some idiot will actually jump out from dunno where and say "Smile ~ you are on TV, see the camera there ?... ? Needless to say it didn't work and channel 9 closed down.

Too bad I didn't stay to see how she manage to get out from that situation, yet it's still an eye opener for me.


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