Sunday, July 10, 2005

Women whom all man wants?

Finally I met up with her after a few months. Heard she was happily loitering in Vancouver this time. It's always been a pleasure chatting with her, the way she carry herself, the charisma she projected, pretty, cute, and most importantly, she really knows how to treat a man like a man!

Let's call her CY, to keep her mysterious identity. Ok, I'm selfish. Man shares cloths, underwear, food, car, house, money, everything together with his best friends but not girls! Atleast not for me. Although I'm not dating her but keeping her safe from the "ham sap" fellas in KL/PJ is still my job.

I was in her house, sipping sky juice (That's the only things she has, I think :P) and eating prawn crackers while she ironing her cloths. As a perfect man wannabe, I offered my service FOC but she rejected. Partly because I didn't have a PHD in ironing cloths I guess, as she's very good in that.

Me : (Looking at the shirt, puzzled) Isn't that an iron-free shirt that you are working on ?

CY : Yes it is.

Me : So why are you ironing it ?

CY : Because it has wrinkles.

Me : What ?! (Stand closer but yet still didn't see any wringkles)

CY : See ~ Here, a small one....

Me : (Finally saw a 0.5cm wrinkle, in spilt second it's gone after she shove the iron over it ) Nobody will ever notice or consider that as a wrinkle and you don't have to iron that piece of shirt coz it is designed not to be ironed !

CY : Actually I like doing house chores. You know I iron my t-shirts which I wear to sleep, I even iron my bed sheets!

OMG ~ Why on earth a person want to do that? I don't understand, but on the other hand, it suppose to be a good news to guys. You see, she can be a very good housewife, she'll do all the house chores, sweeping the floor, ironing everything that you wear including your socks and underwear.

You don't have to worry about dumping her alone in the bungalow which you bought to keep her while you went off to earn money, because she'll be busy doing all the household stuff. She then will have no time to go out shopping, that will ensure all your credit card's safety, no time to sit down at secret recipe having tea break eating super hi-fat cheese cake with the aunties in the neighborhood, thus ensuring that you won't experience the "sudden shock of finding your wife turn into fat chic the next day" syndrome. Moreover, frequent house chores contribute to calorie burning, maintaining her body figure and firm ...ahem... If you worried that she don't have enough work to do, just make sure you couple have fun on the bed everynight, such as "chor tai di" (yes, two person can play, trust me), pillow romance fighting, exotic yoga, or rocking the bed every night. The next morning she'll be so busy ironing the bed sheet, pillow sheets, blankets......

Proceeding to the nearest nuclear bomb underground shelter, as my six sense tell me that CY and her bf gonna make me pay for blogging this.


Anonymous CY said...

Absolutely love this one. (saw that all your comments are not here after you moved to blogspot... so decided to re write) You really managed to capture the essence of the situation! Bravo!

1:55 PM  
Blogger way said...

Thanks for the support, honey... hehe.. Actually i'm too lazy to port those comments over, and since i'm gonna keep writting, will get new ones anyway...

3:06 PM  

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