Thursday, July 21, 2005

Unofficial Interview says : Phone interview = The questioning of a person conducted over the telephone. says : Phone interview = You should be prepared, practice, no chewing gum, smile (Scroll back to the top, it's "Phone Interview" all right, and i thought was "Malaysian Idol Audition", suppose interviewer have superman vision), talk slow and take your time (Yes, of course, interviewer pay the phone bill), don't interrupt interviewer, short answers, say thank you. says : Phone interview : To con the interviewer for future face-to-face interview with your best shot.

Today I got a call. No introduction on myself, no asking about what/who/why/when/where/how or anything related to me, no appointment fixing for future interview, no "tell me the biggest obstacle in your life" like the Apprentice, but....

Interviewer : Please translate "Termination payment/severance payment" into mandarin.

Me : ....(-_-").... 解雇支付...

Interviewer : Is it? Thanks...

Me : 遣散? also can....

Interviewer : Cool, thanks, take care, bye.

Ok, this is not good. Someone get fired because they wanna hire me. I caused someone jobless indirectly. According to Buddhism I'll get bad karma.

On a second thought, may be they hinting me that I'll get fired anytime if I screw up or they bankrupt.

On a third thought, they can discharge me when someone else apply for my position.

On a fourth thought, I must be dreaming. Proceeding to locate a nearby friend to pinch in order to confirm.


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