Friday, July 15, 2005

Idiot Guide to How to court girl/make your girl friend happy - Proven tactics

Somehow some people found that "How to succeed with women" by Louis/Copeland is too complicated and not practical to be used in Malaysia. Both of the authors are relationship consultant for decades. It sounds complicated because that's what makes them expert. Now we have an easier one, very practical, almost everyone heard of it, yet still effective.

It was another boring day for me till I receive a message complaining about my blog putting wrong thing at the wrong day. The message even told me that the Book review shouldn't been done on that day. I browsed some fortune telling websites, non of it have a section on "Should you or should you not blog today" or "How to calculate what you should blog in your blog today!". Still no clue, I look at my calendar, It was July 12 year 2005, the seventh day of month June in Chinese calendar.... OH SHIT ! Now I know what went wrong, I almost forgot my best buddy A.K.A leng leng's birthday. Actually she did remind me about that at the end of the message, which I had missed, that was after i found out it's her birthday, and scroll down to see the entire message.

Now how could a smart guy like me will do this kind of mistake? I actually have set a reminder in my hp. But the problem is all these years i was the first to greet her at 12am. This time i decided to be the last one to greet her, clearing the ways for her bf and admirers to be the first one. Later i found out her bf did made it.

Until now, we should have learned 3 things if you did notice.

1) Always remember her birthday!
- Never forget her birthday, but if you somehow been brainwashed or memory lost, after you forgot once she'll made you remember it forever. Tattoo is very cheap nowadays, go get one.

2) Never loose any small clue, she always hints you
- Unless you have six sense like me who later realized that i almost missed her birthday, you better take note of the small details and messages she 'accidentally' leak out. Just like this case, she 'hint' me that it's her birthday by saying "Today is my birthday, hng, ..... " at the very end of the message which i almost left out. However it's not advisable to depend solely on six sense because i almost get lost in Bangsar using my six sense, thanks to CY, her left is right, right is left direction skill helps me find my way home.

3) Consistency counts
- If you had started to treat her well all these while, DON'T CHANGE! Please do your maintenance or she'll complain that you don't love her anymore, the love has faded... blah blah... For example if you're always the first one to wish her, make sure you'll continue to do that for the rest of your life. Poor guys who gave diamond ring to girls on first date, they'll bankrupt soon.

If you didn't notice you should had learn all these 3 things, please refer to No. 2 and polish your skill on that. If you have no idea how to do that, please refer to "I know what you're thinking" by Lillian Glass. Inside the book hey have very good examples on how you can archive that, to master's level! At the end of the day, you not only know hot to spot details, as well as knowing what your gf is thinking, that's awesome! Now who says my Book review shouldn't be done?

4) The Ignore game
-You should ignore you gf's sign and hint, acting as if you have forgot her birthday. Having a romantic dinner at her birthday eve then send her back early. At 11.55pm call her and chatting nonsense, when the time comes tell her that you're just outside her house, holding a low-fat birthday cake singing a birthday song in the middle of the street. It may be sound lame to some of you but that's what leng leng's bf did and she's so happy about it. So i guess it works, and may be you guys should try it.

5) Add Ons
-And you think it's end of story, try to do more to make her a memorable day in her life. The next day leng leng went to work, someone page her to the front desk to pickup some stuff. It turns out to be half dozen of water lily (Her favorite flower). On her way back to her cube, the whole factory knew that it's her birthday and she's the spot light of the day. The scent of the lily spread through the whole office and she's the envy of all girls.

Always bear in mind that the next year you'll have to do the same level of greatness or better than that. It's a cumulative upkeep! The level I mentioned here is not about the progress, nor the tricks, it's about making her so happy and letting her know that she's the special one and you really treasure her.

If you have no idea how happy she is (not 'was', now this is not a grammar mistake, coz she still happy until today),check this out. She send me a photo of the flower. God knows how many friends she forwarded out. But i'm happy because she's happy, I feel the essence too.

Happy birthday leng leng!


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