Saturday, July 16, 2005

Yam Cha with friend plus a whole colony of cockroach

Yam cha is already part of my life, just like going toilet to ease myself, stuck in KL traffic jam, or surfing in the net.

I had a 'winner' friend who doesn’t go mamak yam cha. She told me that people who go yam cha are losers that want to brag about themselves, releasing stress after working hours, always complaining about the whole world, always talk and never do. She even tried to psycho me to stop going yam cha. Yam cha is wasting time, better do something else, invest your time in a better ROI...blah blah blah... wow.. I think she gonna be millionaire soon.

No joke, she got a point there. I once get mamak-phobia for a while after eating at oug steven's corner. No, not the rat or the gay staff that keep touching me, nor the quality of the food has degraded. That was my young and innocent college time, celebrating my friend's birthday at steven's corner. After happily eating, when the bill comes, 5 of us almost faint. It cost us more than RM100. That will be a very big figure for us that still studying and none of our parents are Mr Kwok or Mr. GT Lim. Since that day on I never visit steven's corner till last year. Another mamak where you can eat for more than RM100 for 4 person is kayu nasi kandar at chow yang. But I believe other air con restaurant will be better choice compare to these mamak. So now you see how much you can save by avoiding mamak.

Everytime I met winner, it will either be lunch, dinner or shopping. Time is very efficiently used. Rather than discussing unfairness of the world in mamak we do it in her friend's house. Yes, winner is still a human, of course she need to channel her stress to other place just like the losers. Well, atleast she saves lots of money from avoiding mamak and not to be look like a loser.

So I decided to be a 'loser' and get my loser friend to have my late dinner at murni ss2. Good food, cheap, good service and lots of eye candies. During my meal the girl next table was shouting to her bf, "look, a BEE ~". I turn to the direction and saw that it's not just a bee, it's a god damn huge bee flying at the speed of bullet towards my way! Luckily I'm a fan of matrix, I bend backwards instantenously and the giant bee just flew pass me. Lucky me. After finishing our meals, catching up with old stuff, suddenly an eye candy jumps up and scream. She was like 10 tables away, her scream caused a chain reaction among the other girls, infecting a few of them to scream too. Now this is interesting. I only thought that I could see this kind of chain reaction in hospital, where one baby cries and the rest will start to cry too.

My friend and I turn our heads to check out what's happening but can't see anything besides some girls jumping around and the guys were sitting there stunned. Looks like rat or something, or may be the giant bee. Suddenly I feel something is crawling behind my back, I tried to sweep my back but didn't feel anything, before I could ask my friend, the next table girl pointing at me, with the look of seeing "the ring" alive in front of her, telling her boy friend "Yiiiiaaaakkkss...there is a cockroach on that guy's shirt!" Now this time it's my turn to panic. I nearly shout but I didn't because if the cockroach run into my mouth I'll get heart attack and died immediately. I freeze my movement, tried not to excite the roach to run to wrong other place of my body. My friend just looks at me and dunno what to do too. Slapping the roach ? NO, not a good idea, I can even imagine the roach's eyeball rolling on the floor, it's rectum burst and the shits will be all over my shirts, Wooing it away, who knows the next stop might be in my teh-o-ice-limau. Before we could think of anything, the girl's boy friend said "Oh it just flied away! Pheeewww…somehow for a man like me, I still have phobia against roaches.

Now if you dunno, Asian cockroaches like to fly, they fly whenever they could, compare to German and American cockroach. I'm ok with rat, lizards, bugs, ants, pigs, monkeys, caterpillar use to be fine but not anymore, mosquito, but cockroach, it's one of the worse creature to encounter with. They are not afraid of declaring war, they won't hide from you, they'll fly towards you and land on your face, god knows how many virus, bacteria and worms they injected onto your face. Today if you kill one, tomorrow there will be hundreds looking for you!

The nightmare has just started, all of the sudden, the entire cockroach colony just decided to come out and party, it's a scary scene of cockroach flying everywhere, guys and girls jumping around, people trying to cover their food, some buta ayam fellas still wondering what happen, and I'm on my way paying the bills and out of here. This time I caused another chain reaction, lots of people started to leave as well.

If you're wondering how the Asian cockroach that attacks me looks like compare to the German and American, roaches, of course, have a 'loser' gathering at murni when you are free.


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