Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nice piece of gadget - iPod review

After 3 years plus, finally i can have a touch on da legendary iPod. The feeling is just like watching fireworks with love ones, going back penang eating char koay teow, or the instant moment of seeing a toilet in front of me after stomachache for one hour.

What else could I say, elegant design, excellent sound quality , the 4th generation iPod is one of the best digital jukebox in town. Besides costing you a fortune itself, the accessories will make sure you'll left money good enough to eat bread only for the coming week. Yet still, you should have saved $100 for the price reduction compare to 1st generation.

I personally like the scroll function, circling around the pad, known as Click Wheel interface. The stylish design with polished white body, gleaming silver back panel, 20GB space in 158g are the main reasons one would choose iPod over other audio player. Even the packaging are well designed beautifully to prolong your excitement about finally owning the product.

However, in order to utilize the iPod, you might need to pay a price. Basically iPod is a portable hard disk with audio player function in it. You’ll have to buy your own voice recorder, camera connector, microphone adapter, and even firewire data cable in order to enjoy all the benefits it can offer. Besides that, you'll also need to buy shock protector case, screen protector, Click Wheel protector, and other redundant necessary gadgets to protect the iPod. You won't be able to see the amazing drop from second floor broke into pieces fixed it back still can use stunt like other audio player which is using solid state memory, such as SD, XD, Compact Flash and so on. Therefore, iPod, not recommended for walking disasters.

Clockwise: iPod Award design package, Manual/installation CD/USB data cable/Earphones, iPod front/side view, FM transmitter (to synchronize with your car's audio player), Messages found on package, iPod silver back view, Protectors, Charger, Car cup-holder console (that's where you put your iPod when you use your FM transmitter in your car), iPod package again.

That is My BJ's iPod. Million thanks to BJ for the fun, this entry dedicated to BJ.


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