Wednesday, July 27, 2005


It's my first time stepping into the BAR council. No, not that I been cheated by some lawyers and filling complain but accompanying my friend to do filling on their completion for chambering. Yes, another two friend joining the AS (Advocates & Solicitor)

I kinda impressed by those ASes, never imagine especially in a hot oven alike place such as KL, people wearing BLACK coat walking around the street and almost everyone of them that i met dressing the same under the hot sun. Well, I'm not an AS, but i guess outside the High Court, taking off your coat shouldn't be a problem but those ASes seems like enjoying the natural sauna, smart and professionally dressed.

However, one thing i don't understand is why payment of the filling is in BAR council and filling itself is done in High court. At the end need to submit the certified document back to BAR council. Like, talk about efficiency, time saving, less skin cancer, they are no way close to that. We arrived in there early morning and by the time my friends finished filling, it's EXACTLY the time they call it a day. Not that they need to entertain 100 people but I only saw 6 people there, three of us and another 3 is the staff working there.

Last time Chris get extra interest charges from his loan due to his lawyer late approval on some document, i think it's known as progressive interest. He was very pissed off coz technically that lawyer just need to chop and sign. Now I get some idea why they make those ASes walking back and forth between the BAR council and High court, so they can exercise more and sign faster, else things might be even worse. So the AS replied "Lawyer very busy one ah~". Oh yeah, that sounds familiar, you'll heard all these saying everyday:

Lawyer : I very busy, so many people to sue, so little time.

Engineer : I very busy, so many bosses screw up, so little time to fix.

Doctor : I very busy, so many people brainless, so little time to operate, find a brain and install the brain for them.

Teacher : I very busy, so many student to take care, so less people use condom.

Police : I very busy, so many idiots outside, we can't shoot some to lessen government's burden making the world a happier place.

Fireman : I very busy, so many people creating fire, couples having fun in bushes, BBQ, London bombing, I'm the only one putting off the fire.

Bosses : I very busy, so many people to screw, so much stress to release, receptionist is just one button away.

Receptionist : I very busy, so many people call me, even the boss screw me...

Salesman : I very busy, so many quota to achieve, everyone so busy, so hard to make appointment with bosses, even just to let the receptionist pick up the phone.

Jobless : I very busy, so many jobs to apply, so many interviews to attend, so many bosses don't wanna hire me, so busy doing nothing.

Captain : I very busy, so many plane to fly, so many stewardess so date, so little time.

Friend : I very busy, so many plane to fly (sudden absent from appointment/yam cha session, A.K.A fly pigeon), so many girls/guys to date, so little time.

Student : I very busy, exam coming, project dead line coming, prom night coming, club ladies' night coming, gf's menses not coming.....

Programmer/IT : I very busy, windows sucks, linux bugs, no time to oh si (A.K.A Pang Sai or doing business in toilet), so busy linking the whole world, so busy luring idiots to blog so can earn more money..

Blogger : I very busy, so many things to blog, so many people sue me for what I blog, so many doctor trying to install brain for me, so many police blocking, so many fireman tried to put of the fire I start in my blog, so many readers' comments to delete/ignore/block...

Readers : I very busy, so many blogs to read, so many comments to fire back, so long time for blogger to reply and fire back.

If everyone is SOOOOOOOOO busy, why since last weekend till today all the shopping mall in KL/PJ full of people?

Aunties/chics/ah lian: I very busy, mega sale now, so many shopping mall, so less time, so less credit limit on my husband/bf's credit card, so less bfs to carry my stuff...

*thanks bj for the add on*


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