Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Where were I last weekend?

Miss Malaysia Pageant (Tourism) - Selangor Selection

After a few wrong turns, and massive jam due to the turf club losers rushing back home, finally reached South City plaza. Not a good place if I would to say. There are always better malls to do the Pageant. I feel like a 3 star pageant with constraint budget. Stage are not beautifully designed, but you won't be focusing much on that when the contestants catwalk around. The only thing that surprises me is the two former Miss Malaysia judges, Leng Loois~ (^_^). Can't remember who are the other male judges, and I'll be doomed if I only remember the male judges.

Somehow the crowd was very passive. The emcee has to keep on asking people to support the contestants. I wonder what happen to their supporters and family members. However I do see lots of Bangladesh around. From the crowd's response, no. 6 would be the preferred beauty, follow by no. 9, no. 12, no. 15 and no. 7. Ok, cut the crap, here's the photo you guys been waiting for.

Too less? It's already more compare to newspapers. Still not enough? Go MyD70

Presenting, the winners...

Champion (No. 8), 1st runner up at the right (No.2) and 2nd runner up at the left (no.6). Yes, I know what you wanna say, I'm shocked too. Despite how she look, which is very subjective, and judges might have kinky taste. Imagine the catwalk wasn't prefered by the judges, Q&A session screwed up, yet still Champion. She's going for Miss Malaysia Pageant Final in November, representing SELANGOR! OMG, what happened to the rest of the leng loois in Selangor? Please save Miss Malaysia Pageant next year! Luckily, the 2 other girls are going final as well. So, Selangor's still got hope.

"Celebration" with one of the winner and my best bet for Selangor state.


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