Thursday, July 28, 2005

Something to share with you

The fastest cure for my stress, tension, anger, grief, and pain, is not whacking the idiot who pissed me off, although I would really wanna do that, but it's music. Ever heard a song that can jump start your day, turn your mood from bad to happy in seconds just like a switch, alleviate your pain, unstressed, relaxed, or even boost up your confident. Besides, putting into your courtship steps will definitely enhance your chances of winning his/her heart, even though you sing like william hung.

There is particularly one song that I always remember. Heard it in a camp when I was in secondary school. One of the song that I love most. One of the song that will remind me to smile everyday, washing away my sorrows, always strive the best for myself and my love ones, sharing my happiness/sadness, learn to love and be love, making the world a better place....
Just found this song last week (wow ~ finally, been searching for some time) and it's in my Winamp playing now.

I would like to dedicate this song to my dearest family, friends, people who supported me, people who accompanied me during my ups and downs, people who read my blog, people whom I yet to know and will become part of my life in future, just like you guys/girls (^_~)

oh yeah, it's a mandarin song. Sorry for those people who doesn't read mandarin. I tried to translate it but it just doesn't bring out the essence. Will update later if I got it right. Anyone are welcome to help me translate.

You can get the song from Wish you all a happy day. Have faith.

p/s : BJ, don't bother to download, it's in your iPod. By the way, BJ, since you so free, please translate for me, this will be your warm up for "future endeavors".


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