Tuesday, August 02, 2005

From Kepong Steamboat to The Curve Halo Cafe

Finally OUG Star bookstore have their 1st outing activity, thanks to the bosses and Carin, the manager/organiser. In order to spice up the event, we had an egg opening and boiling contest near end of the steamboat session.

Announcing Egg Opening and Boiling Contest

Champion - Carmen

  • In successful of opening the egg without breaking the egg yolk, and cooked the egg nicely. Lucky me, coz I have the egg she boiled.

1st runner up - YY

  • Successful of egg opening, breaking a side of egg yolk, but the egg still can eat after boiled.

2nd runner up- Fong Fong

  • OMG, she killed the egg!

Special Stunt winner : Fong Fong

  • With the one hand egg opening skill, smashed the egg into... eerrr... indescribable... and pity Chris have to eat it.

** Pictures of egg was not shown due to explicit horror content **
...and there were only 3 contestants (-_-")

Special message : Thousand apologies to the TGV Indian staff that reserved the movie tickets for us but we can't make it in time.

Now come to the real party, it was the manager's birthday the next day. So we went to Halo Cafe at The Curve, having a countdown velebration. After wait for half an hour finally we get a table for 8 of us. It's worth the wait, where else you could find a live band singing a birthday song, 100 over peoples celebrating with you plus the manager serving the cake while everyone singing the birthday song?

Heineken joined our party too, and that's what I called CELEBRATION ~

...After heineken joined......

Happy Birthday to Carin.

P/S : The boss says tomorrow don't be late for work :P


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