Monday, March 20, 2006


Lately so many friends of mine talking about the SPM and STPM results, comparing with what they got last time. No need to say they all got themselves humiliated....

Like XXX got 13A1! That's just so crazy... You all sure they were not been infested by aliens who trying to take over the earth?

Lim pek UPSR, PMR and SPM add up also don't have 13A!!!!!!


p/s : but then my mum and dad still loves me like i got 20A1!! hehehe....

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The best ever invention in the world

It was way back during my college time, an idea came into my mind after attending the digital theory lecture. This very powerful idea can ultimately save the whole world. No one realized how great this thing was, and its hidden ability wasn't discovered and fully utilized. Now I'm going to unveil the cutting edge technology human kind ever created.

Ta~ Da ~


How does it works? It will invert anything!!
For the engineers, this is how the schematic diagram looks like.

Together with the simulated waveform results.

The algebraic symbol is shown too. As for the normal people, let me explain a bit. 'In' is where you input the stuff you want to change and 'Out' is the result. 'vdd' is 'Very Dumb Data' where you input the particular thing you want to change.

For example, you think your black hair colour is too dumb/boring, so you decided to change it to orange colour. So you aim the device at your head, 'vdd' value you input 'hair' and just press the button and "ZAPPPPPPP ~~" your hair turn into orange colour. Make sure you don't forget to input 'hair colour to orange' in the 'vdd' else your whole head might turn into orange! Lastly, 'vss' refers to the power source. Every electronic device also need power ok?

Why it is named 'vss' but not something make sense like 'power' or 'plug the god damn power cable here, you idiot' is because electronics theory were designed to be complicated in the first place, so engineers can earn money from the dumb people. However as people evolve, some dumb ass actually smart enough form a big company to hire engineers work their ass out to design cool stuff like 'pentium 4 HT' with low pay and no OT claims. So you always heard engineers complaining their boss is super dumb ass like this. But that's another story.

You might be wondering, why black inverted into orange? Aint it suppose to be white? Now this device is very flexible. It can invert to any colour you want. As we know black is the combination of all colors (If you don't believe, unplug one of the 3 colour cartridge in your printer and try print black). So by inverting the rest of the colours into white except orange, you'll get your orange colour hair. That's all I can say, further designs details are proprietary technology which to be kept secret.

If you totally don't understand what I'm saying start from the very beginning, then that's good, because you are qualify to become boss, but if you do, welcome to the smart club :)

The product can be used to fix various problems. Ok, a picture worth a thousand words, let me show you how it works.

From god's mistake to super leng looi. Big flat nose to pointy sharp nose, big mouth to seductive lips, airport to twin tower, manly nose digging to girlish hair-playing habit, no plastic surgery, no laser hair removal, no more torturing protein diet, no need exercise, no side effects! Now everyone can be supermodel!

The name calling events in dewan rakyat, from monkey to ular sawar, shows that the MPs who lead Malaysia have IQ and EQ of a primary school kid, coz you only hear such name callings during primary school. Leading a bunch of idiots to a better nation is just impossible for our prime minister, 2020? forget about it. As a good citizen who cares for his own country, this will do some help.

Dumb to genius, best for Malaysia leaders.

Another problem in Malaysia is corruption. By not having transparency provided a very good place for those dumb ass to take money from people legally without any prove. So the SPLENDID INVERTER makes another miracle again.

Best for fixing Malaysia culture.

The power of SPLENDID INVERTER not only limited to these. Since our neighbor country famous for BBQ-ing their own country, and it's not of our authority to teach them how to run a country, this is what we can do the most.

The yearly haze event is coming, no need to be afraid, we got SPLENDID INVERTER.

Now, the most important thing need to be solved....


Feeling better? Next time remember to vote the right government, stop complaining now.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

In memories

You left early to heaven.
Sorry I wasn't there for you, I didn't know.
Rest in peace, my dear friend.

We'll catch up later.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Good car for n00b drivers

After reading this I decided not to park near a kenari. But now there is a hope, BMW have an auto-parking car. Details here. I wonder whether they have auto-pilot for getting out from the parking lot. Else it is still advisable not to park (or get parked) near a "P" driver.

P/S : koekoe, faster get one, you won't hear ""GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGK GRRRRRRRRGK!!" odd sounds from the back" again.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Souvenir from Taiwan

One of my happy moments is when friends came back from trip/overseas. Coz I always get souvenir after some "kind" reminders before they come back.

This time the victim is my good friend aka mermaid, who went to Taiwan to find rich turtle study. We went to Pisces cafe at Klang, a place I had wanted to go for quite some time. With an evil grin she passes me the souvenir. It was the shape of a box so I thought it was a box of chocolate, the most common souvenir choice besides key chain, mug, soft toys..... etc.

But when I took it out from the plastic bag, it was......

As for my reaction, I can't really describe much using my limited edition english skills, so I choose to show you a picture which quite similar to my reaction. I have to clarify that it is not my picture as I don't really think it is a good idea to put my picture on the blog, read this and you will know why. So this is my reaction....

So it is somehow like this, with much less hair on the face, more hair on the head, much more handsome and a nicer t-shirt.

Not to miss out her expression, it is something like this.

After that I turn the box around, I saw....

And the nutrition facts...

What the f**k, what had happened to this world? People put candy in maxi pad's box! Talk about recycle, this is a good idea, so what will be next? Chinese New Year cookies in coffin?

Actually I think it's very funny, can't wait to show it to all my friends, especially guys... hehe...

Anyone want some candy?

P/S : Dear mermaid, I can't find a laughing mermaid picture, and the monkey reminds me the way you laugh :P