Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm back, but dunno for how long

Oh My Buddha! Oct 2007 till now! That's how long I joined the "Pai Mia Club". Deadlier than my ex-company, more assholes/bitches/backstabbers, totally insane project timeline... and I had been working non stop over the weekend, again!

However, the long waited moment has finally arrived. I'll be on a 2 days French Kiss Training starting from tomorrow. It's the time that I put my skills and experience over the years into test!

I'll probably pick a leng lui and stay beside her. Just in case, you know, these training session will always ask you to look for a partner to practice. HHmmm.. let me see, BBC says beard is bad for kissing, I think I’ll just shave tomorrow morning.. what else do i need, fresh breath, Eclipse will do the job.

Ok, I'll get more rest tonight. Have to stay in my best form.

Out ~

P/S: By the way, did I mentioned that they decided to change the name of the training to "First Aid and CPR"? Damn.. I think they just anti-France.


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