Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm back

More than two months already. I haven't had much mood to write anything here.

It started with my red car broke down, send to service for 5 times, different mechanic, yet still unable to repair. They all give me the same expression, the "Hong Kong drama series doctor head shaking outside the surgery room" action. The next thing I know, my uncle passed away due to heart attack. My red car was bought from him many years ago. Tough car, just like him, use to be an athlete.

Was it a coincidence? I dunno...

Memories of him just keep flashing back everytime I see my red car. I can still remember how excited I was everytime I see him driving the red car to my house when I was small... one of my favorite uncle, one who I wish I could see him more now.. sigh.. I think I'll just stop here, don't feel like writing now..

RIP, my dear uncle Poh, we'll miss you a lot...


Anonymous WQ said...

my condolences...hugs

2:44 PM  

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