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Company team building - Balok Beach Kuantan Pahang

29-30 July 2006, that was like, 5 months ago. Been saying wanted to blog this for n-th time.

Our company wants to build relationship between the employees, so they come out with this brilliant idea. It's actually a plan to bring office affair outside the office, if not, build a new one :)

So u can imagine how sexcited excited I was to go. When we arrive the Swiss
Garden Resort, we were welcomed by a group of...

Damn... I was actually expecting this...

That's when I started to know that there won't be any "fun" stuff happening.

As I had expected, the team building started with some project management game. That was like the worst game to have in a trip where you suppose to be relax and think nothing about work, a get away. Of all the games they can think of, PROJECT MANAGEMENT ! Blardy hell. No self intro session, no ice breaking stuff, no swim suit competition, no beach volley ball match, no banana boat riding, no bikini party....

The only thing close to that will be the Hollywood Night party. But end up only few of us dancing. No late night wild party, so I woke up early in the next morning and decided to have a nice walk at the beach.

My boss got stung by the jelly fish while swimming in the sea before the Hollywood Night party yesterday. After many years of working experience, I mastered the Shao Ling kung fu of "shoe polishing"(?林七十二失?武功之擦鞋大法). So I decided to help my boss to find the culprit, chop the jellyfish head down and send to my boss as a gift. Now you know why my boss love me so much, hehehe...

Some of my colleagues join me for the hunting too.

No deadlines, no client complain, no boss pressure = happy colleagues

It's actually a very beautiful beach. Although the water is not crystal clear, I like it because got lots of hermit crabs, reminds me of 四?妹妹.

I'm so addicted to the comic :)

While walking along the beach, we saw another victim of jellyfish....

Besides the hermit crabs, there are also little crabs that keep making little sand ball covering the whole beach. I bet there must be millions of crabs at the beach, making the sand balls whole night covering the beach, like a crab kingdom. Too bad all the crabs are too small, else can have a crab BBQ at the beach.

Walking along the beach on these sand balls is like having a foot massage like that. You can never get this experience in Penang, coz the sea water is so dirty till the crab all migrate to Kuantan already :p

Days after I come back, a friend of mine send me this pic...

Blardy hell, the mother of all jellyfish, and I killed one of its child. Now I don't feel like going into the sea already....


Blogger lunaticgal said...

i dunno u already "updated" ur blog..
and u already disaapear for quite a long time!!!!

i like to read ur blog so make sure u update lar :( hehheheh im not forcing, i swear!

u KILLED jellyfish?? why the sea so dangerous still allow ppl to swim there.. and u should sponsor some "tong zhi liu" to cure your boss wound... i guess it will be usefull :D but the huge jellyfish very scary.. izzit simply touch of place also will get sting?

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