Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm not getting married... -_-"

So surprised that a friend called me and ask me when is my wedding day. After that I browse my blog and... IT WAS THE MUFFIN who started the fire, then the blur MilkD make it sound like I really gonna get married. I was busy working, not busy preparing my wedding till no time to blog ok?

Just to tell you guys that I'm not getting married la... no one want to marry me, si beh jia lat...

Last night got threatened by 3 policeman, was thinking want to go make a police report a not, like, go to police station and report police, some of my friend say is like going to commit suicide... so still thinking... anyway I'll post the juicy story here, so stay tuned.


Anonymous mermaid~ said...

i dun believe that no one wanna marry with u....hmhm......^^"

12:08 AM  

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