Friday, April 14, 2006

Heavenly Cheesed

Home made mango cheesecake.

Haven't been eating anything so delicious that worth my time to blog lately. The fresh mango (thanks to mango season) added some flavour and sweetness, mix very well with the sour creamy cheese, plus the lower layer of biscuits, it's just so good....

*eating cheesecake*

A solution to the lousy secret recipe's cheesecake. It was good when it first opened, but I think their boss haven't been eating his own cakes lately.

A friend told me she use cheese to do mask. OMFG!! CHEESE FOR MASK?! THAT"S A CRIME! YOU HEAR ME? A C.R.I.M.E!!!
Cheese is food, not mask! It suppose to melt in your mouth not on your face! Damn... these people just don't know how to appreciate cheese.... It's like using computer to type out a letter and snail mail to the person, rather than sending email which arrive almost instantly. WASTED~

Anyway I did my cheese test and...

Check your cheese here today.

But I actually prefer this


Blogger dunknwy said...

envy you coz your lover make cheesecake for you.but i don't i just can use it to do....

3:35 PM  

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