Friday, February 10, 2006

Online CNY dairy ~ part 2

Second day of CNY

Ang pow comes in different size and weight, just like the mandarin orange.

Another round of CNY celebration lunch with family, Carlsberg join us for the fun too.

On the second day I went to Jitra, Kedah. End of last year Jitra have a terrible flood that ever happened.

1.35M !!! No wonder I don't see much cows, goats, cats and dogs around this Chinese New Year.

The flood was there for 3 days. Not much of furniture survived for the 3 day soaking test. Everyone dump their stuff outside their house. Tilam, cupboard, table, bed, chairs, books, PC, TV, car, dead hamster, mother in law, nagging wife, you name it. Of course it's quite clean during CNY, but the picture below will tell you a bit how it looks like after the flood.

Basically Jitra is a very boring place for a hunk young stud like me. Unless you are planning for your retirement or you like to have fun with cows, playing hide and seek in the paddy field. Not that much a good place for a nature lover as the place is developing. I still remember there was a scene of sunlight penetrating the morning fog, on to the paddy field many years ago. It was simply, breathtaking. Many people like me, stand there watching until the fog are gone.

Lately we always heard message about stop pirated stuff from the radio, like some local artist whining and complaining we buy pirate cd. The next time we will hear KFC complaining about pirated chicken because.....

KLG = ? It make more sense to me if it is KAG = Kedah Ayam Goreng, but KLG ? Kedah L****** Goreng? Use your imagination. It uses the interior design that similar to what KFC used quite some time ago.

As I was in a hurry, I didn't get the chance to try the chicken. May be I'll write a review compare side by side with KFC the next time I go back Jitra again, if the shop is still there.


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