Friday, December 16, 2005

1 year Anniversary ~

Last year I made a commitment. By far, it is the biggest, the one that has impacted every action and aspects of my life. Together we went through the ups and downs, happy and sorrow, experiencing what it is all about with people who walking the same path. There will be no regrets. Although there are pressure times where it is hard to hold on, but we went through it, helping each other.

I decided to make a repost of the entry, guess most of you guys had seen it, and because that’s the one I send to you guys in icq/msn/yahoo/email a year ago. It is also a 'soft' reminder for those who failed to turn up during the important day of my life last year, as well for those who haven't land their feet there since day one.

"Hi handsome and pretty, comic lovers, VIPs, pedestrians, buddies, window shoppers, manga addicts, VCD marathoners, magazine hungers, OUG Steven's corners kaki, too much money dunno where to spend peoples, KL too hot need to get air con shelter peoples,

Due to "overwhelming" good business in 2129, one of the 2129 shareholders now venturing into Comic Biz as Star Bookstore chain. We will be having a soft launch on 24th Dec 2004 AKA Christmas Eve, feel free to drop by for free comics reading session, membership promotion, Millionaire lucky draw (Hosted by Tourism Malaysia, for registered members only) and more. Official launch is on 30th Dec 2004.

*** Special Announcement For friends, buddies, 2129 shareholders/directors, heng tai and VIPs ***

This weekend 18th & 19th Dec we'll be setting up the bookstore, we would appreciate if EVERYONE of you guys/girls can drop by as we do need some help. Going pat tor is not an excuse as you can come to our shop to pat tor and at the same time help out, we sure welcome more helper ! :P

For those who are REALLY REALLY REALLY BUSY, weekdays worked till half dead, in the middle of divorce, sesat jalan and accidentally went to Johor/Penang/Kedah/Kelantan/Dunno-Where, and consequently can't come this weekend, MUST COME on 24th Dec !!!

-- P/S : Somehow my six sense tell me some of you guys won't be turning up on both of the dates, you guys can still send cheques, bankdraft, Cash, and present to ComicWorks Sdn Bhd, our shop located at 19, Jalan Hujan Rahmat, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 KL.
Ok ok, don't kacau you guys/girls liao, just come ok ? I'll be there 7 days a week, so won't be so free to see you guys/girls after the shop opened. Anyhow just update me with any yam cha session, I'll try my best to come. Take care dudes. "

Ah~ha~ now remember something? You should be free to pay me a visit this year because those who busy working should already fired their boss or get promoted to boss and torturing others to be busy, those who divorced should have PLENTY of free time, those who sesat jalan one year ago should have know how to come by now.

No more lucky draw this year, but you guys can come for free comic reading on 25th Dec, that's my Christmas present for you guys. Remember you can always pat tor in the shop while reading...Errr..may be not french kiss coz you'll distract the children from reading :P

As for those who getting married and can't come this year, you can bring your baby/babies along next year. Why people always love to get married in December?

Just in case you are wondering what's 2129, see below.

By the way, I'm not married yet :P


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