Saturday, November 26, 2005

Nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga?

Sorry. My mistake, it should be Nila sebelanga rosak susu setitik.

How many times you heard people complaining about the police? Or even experienced yourself? Corruption, mistreatment, robbing/bribery, slow response to emergency calls, [add your own descriptions here]. If it's just setitik nila, are you telling me that those people out there, even myself, met the same bad police everytime?

I wasn't afraid of the police when I was small, as they were one of my heros besides superman. But now, everytime I see road block, police patrol car, anywhere that police were around, I feel.... uneasy. Not that I did something wrong or my license/road tax expired, but you just never know what will happen to you the next moment if they would to stop you.

The funny thing is, I have the exactly same feeling when I was small, everytime I encounter gangsters or anyone with dragon/tiger tattoo. During that time tattoo wasn't as common as nowadays and I learnt from Hong Kong movies that gangsters have DRAGON TATTOO! Somehow now I'm perfectly fine when I saw gangster, because they are much safer compare to the police, in certain way, of course.

Till now I didn't get block by any gangster before. But I do get stopped by police quite a few times, asking for bribery. For example, one of my encounter when I was in college, I hang out with friends at an open area not far from McDonald near my hostel at midnight. A patrol police passed by, telling us that we should not hang out at midnight, collect all our IC and ask for money. He even threaten to bring us to police station. A huge argument follows as we all did nothing wrong. At the end we manage to get back our IC and walk back to hostel ignoring the police. The police was mad and keep scolding us because failed to get anything from us. We were, very scared that time because he was carrying a gun with him. But anger and unfairness drive us to confront with him.

Dunno lucky or what, I encountered different polices in Kedah, Penang, Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. They are all the same, I tell you. I always thought only gangster ask for toll, till I saw how they did it on my parents when I was small and that REALLY SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME.

As for the susu setitik, let me see.... Yeah, I think I do met one very lovely policewoman. That was 2 years ago when I found someone dump a box of cat outside my house. My housemate and I got no idea what to do with those cats, after feeding the cats with susu, we took it to the pet shop in SS2 but all the petshop do not take in stray cats. So we end up at the police station and ask for any nearby animal centre where they'll take the cats, or the police could help.
A policeman, asked in a very loud voice "Apa pasal you ambil ke sini?" [why you bring the cat here?]
"Sebab tong sampah kat luar police station tak cukup muat semua kucing ni..." [because the trash can outside the police station is too small to fit in all these cats] I said. Hehe.. of course not. After explaining the situation, that we don't want to see the cats die, a policewoman say she'll take care the cats. From the way she touching the cats I think she's a caring and loving person.

No, I don't have any faith in them since long time ago. They'll need to prove they deserved it. I will, still give them chance to prove that. Not that I really wanted to, but I have no choice, because they are POLICE! So, I'll wait for them to change... However I recall that I read it from somewhere, "In order to change others, first you have to change yourself". But what I should change? My nationality? May be I should change my job to police then.


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