Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bad pick up lines

I was chatting with a Taiwan girl who accidentally adds me mistaken that I was one of her friend. I never figured out why she never response after our first chat but I didn't bother to find out. Until today, H gave me a clue....

H : have u ever had a case where some ppl looked at u strangely n then started chatting about u?

H : *sigh* they make me feel like i'm not special...=(

H : they always tell me that i look like someone else they know..

H : that sux...

H : i feel like there r thousands of me, wandering on the street >_<

H : baka ya rows!!!! >=(

H : n they do it almost everyday! they like abusing me.

Actually I got that quite a lot too... though I won't be offended by the "Hi, you look like a friend of mine..." but sometimes I do wonder what the world looks like if there are thousands of me....

So what happen was, I told the Taiwan girl that she look like my friend, and I even show her my friend's photo. They are, indeed, very much look alike. I think she freak out rather than happily saying "OMG, thank you so much, I finally found my long lost twin sister! " I even downgraded her status from 'special' to 'common'. So now she'll think that I'm a baka~ya~row who abusing her...

Damn... what I had get myself into... I wasn't even trying to pick her up... So guys, stop using this lame pick up line. IT DOESN'T WORK and you are making her feel like a ordinary clone soldier in star wars!

Do try "Hi, you are so special, coz you don't look like any of my friends...".
And me know the results :P


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