Thursday, October 27, 2005

When/Who/Why should you say it?

This entry is inspired by a post in shaolintiger. I recommend you guys to read this entry before proceeding.

His blog is one of the sites I won't miss everyday. I admire his wisdom and constructive thinking.

I once complained about my experience in McD because of the bad ignorant service plus my large fries is as much as small ones. But ALL my friends that were with me that time says I'm so uncle/aunty alike, calculative and I should be patient. It's not normal for me to give such feedback unless it is REALLY BAD!

Whether it is because of face, no courage to stand for themselves or prefer to complain yet do nothing, I do aware it is becoming a culture. Not much of people will fight back when they get push around or been taken advantage of. Note that moaning and complaining to friends during mamak session is as good as doing nothing. Do the right thing, tell the people who you should be telling, let them know what is happening and they would have the chance to improve.

I myself went through a very good example of this case. There was a staff of mine who ignores the customers and treats the customers rudely. Out of the 500 customers I had, only 2 person told me about it. And this two person, one is my good friend who feels that I should know; another one is a good friend of another staff. What happen to the rest of the 498 people? They feel happy when people treat them bad? It was later I asked a few of the customers, they said that that staff is bad, lazy... blah... blah... I would not have known this if not because of the two person. Although now I use to chat with customer to see what they want and what is happening, but I think there are still lots of unsatisfied people out there.

You don't expect to see changes or improvement if you don't give feedback. You don't expect the superior to be a private investigator and find out who's the asshole. You don't expect the superior somewhat get enlightened and realize the problem one day. Common sense should tell you lazy/bad staff will atleast show themselves hardworking and friendly when their superior is around.

Believe me, people do make improvement if they have a chance, provided if they know it. Atleast I do. I conducted a staff meeting to create awareness, guide them on treating the customers and discuss about the issue that arise. But before all these gonna happen, YOU NEED TO LET THEM KNOW! Let them know you are not happy, how you were treated, how wrong the things were done and so on. Not only complains, you can tell the management how good the staff was too, or tell them to keep on the good work, they are on the right track. If you have no idea who to tell, next level of superior or fill in the feedback card/form will be the best choice.

So let us,

“Make a difference, do something for someone ELSE for a change, for your future children, or the future generation.” -- Quoted from ST.



Anonymous ShaolinTiger said...

I'm glad you echo my sentiment, I did forget to add your latter point about congraluation aswell as complaint.

If I receive excellent service, I will tell the waiter personally, I will leave a large tip, I will fill in the comment card with excellent feedback and if the manager is available I will say that his member of staff excels at their post.

It goes both ways, and creates a people oriented culture where good people are treasured and bad/lazy people are weeded out..The problem is if no-one complains, like in your case, no-one knows..

9:05 PM  
Blogger way said...

That's really cool. I believe you make the waiter's day, so did the waiter giving you good service and enjoyable meal.
Hardly find some memorable eating place, will try the places you recommend on your site, looks delicious~

9:19 PM  
Anonymous erizabesu said...

eh, when u found the place, i wan to tag along also!!!

10:43 PM  
Blogger way said...

sure ~ but don't blame me for putting on weight :P

7:21 PM  

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