Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I wish you a merry christmas day ! (^_^)

When I was messaging a friend today, she suddenly ask "Why you sound so happy?". I was like "Huh?!". Why shouldn't I? Suppose if no sad things happen, by default I will be happy. I didn't realise that I need a reason to be happy. May be some people have three mood, Happy, no feeling and sad. If no happy/sad things happened, they'll just be (-_-) for whole day, like a zombie or something.

I once received an email about one could always choose to be happy or sad, regardless of sad/happy things that happened, it all depends on how you look in it and how you gonna react to it. But the ""Why you sound so happy?" question bring me back to when I was 15 years old, where there were another girl asking me a similar question "Why you always laugh?" I realised one thing that since then, I wasn't laughing as much as I was.

Challenges -An optimist would say
Problems - Normal people like me use to say
Friction - Another normal people word but been engineered
God's will/Fate - Sounds more like someone who gave up
Your fault/God's fault ! - People who lay blame on bad things that happen
Lessons/Learning Experience - People who learn from mistakes and move on would say
Why? Why me? Why no one help me? - Some people call them losers

All the bold words are referring to the same thing, as different people sees and call it different way. I been through all these stages myself. Sometimes I learned from lessons, sometimes I give up, sometimes I wish live wasn't so bored and I need more challenges, and sometimes I just ask why others don't have to go through the difficulties that I faced? There are even times that I'm enlightened enough to let go of everything, focusing on solving the issue and helping others to get out from the bad stuff.

There are always different opinions in live. Because it all depends on how you sees it and how you choose to react upon it. Sad to say that some people don't even realised they can choose to be happy if they want, but they choose to be sad/angry when things go against their will.

Is there such thing called freedom? Yes, I do believe, because I want it. But do you think you really can handle freedom? For example, freedom of speech. A person voiced out opinion of "Gay is a sin, and they are atheist" (One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods). You can imagine how many people are offended. To tell you the truth I'm ok with gay too, as long as both party are happy. But that idea of GAY IS A SIN doesn't bother me at all, although I oppose the idea. However lots of people become so angry with that statement, they fight back like someone had just killed the person they loved. I understand if those people are gay/lesbian. But apparently most of them are not. They fight back because it's oppose to what they believe, what they ALWAYS BELIEVE FOR THEIR WHOLE LIFE. Things get even more complicated when people bring religion/biology/emotion/feelings/History into the issue. I see words like "stupid", "hypocrite", "sexual discrimination", "I hate you", "You are WRONG!", "self-righteous uneducated dribble" (Walaueh... I got new word to impress my friends liao...)

** You can get the full article here! **

My head start spinning before I finish everything. So I stopped, grab myself a cold soya bean milk and some snacks. I think people who response in such swear words and anger just can't handle "THE POWER OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH" as well as the consequences. What they didn't realised is that their action is indirectly opposing the idea of "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"(You can see how many people are saying such post shouldn't be there in the first place). I always thought that I think too much, because lots of my friends say so. But look at these people, I wasn't even get 10% of what there are going to. You know what I think? I think they hurt lots of people, whether they are gay, people who support gay or people who oppose it.

So what happen to the winner? The people who debate till the end, say, may be, 50 years later, finally converting everyone to think that Gay is right/wrong? HE/SHE WILL BE ELECTED AS THE PRESIDENT OF THE EARTH + A TRILLION DOLLAR CASH + BEEN WORSHIP AS GOD! YEAH ~ Clap hands ~





Think about it. This is my philosophy. You can say that it won't apply for all the situations that happen. Yeah, I agree, like alien attacking the earth. (And why must alien associate with "attack the earth"? They might be holding a passport and diving equipment for a happy vacation at Redang Island) Ops, out of topic. What I'm trying to say, if the next day one car come and decided to send you to heaven/hell, won't you be happier if you could make use of the time to do something better rather than arguing? Come on, it's just an article about one's opinion, not the world is trying to get rid of gay or start killing gays.

I believe that all this years I did hurt lots of friends and my love ones, especially when we are having controversial opinion. Not all the time I would be enlighten enough to remember that everyone is entitled for the freedom of speech, as my reaction to perturbation is depending on my mood. Although I won't be so crazy till calling them "Self-righteous dumbass uneducated dribble hypocrite", but deep inside I know I had hurt them by arguing and trying so hard to prove that they are wrong. I would like to say "I'm sorry". For all the reasons that I argue and trying to change you with my philosophy, I only wanted you to be happy, to be able to live a better life by looking things in a different way. But in the process I actually make you sadder. Even when I'm wrong, due to my pride, my beliefs, my face, my ignorance of the fact that I might be wrong, I might still stand on my pathetic point of view. I just want you all to know that, I love you all. I dunno how to say it in front of you all because I just feel so awkward. I care, that's why. I just wish when we come out for yam cha, 99% of the time we'll be sharing our happiness and funny things that happened, and 1% on the sadness where I could lend you my shoulder to cry upon.

Woah... 5.27AM... This is by far my longest post... I should celebrate by pampering myself with some good food... hehe...Anyone wanna join me? CY you can only choose where to go, coz you are coming with me... hahaha... I guess I should stop here. Wish you all a happy day ahead \(^o^)/

Would like to dedicated this favorite song of mine to you all : "Heaven is a place on earth" by Belinda Carlisle.


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Turtle... what happen? Suddenly so cheong hei wan?

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Blogger way said...

Oooii... so many nice name u can call, y turtle ar? Old liao ma.. that's y...

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christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

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