Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm going to be extraordinary soon, are you?

For months it doesn't really matters to me that whether it is monday, friday, or sunday. May be the jam around shopping mall will remind me it's weekend, other than that, I think I'll be happy everyday without having the "Oh gawd, how much i wish it was friday today" dilemma until I get back into employment line. But the trade off is I'M DAMN POOR LIAO LA.......

Stumble across erizabesu's
blog, I found something interesting. She's really out of this world by having a mono colour handphone. That is like, having a black and white TV at home. Actually there's nothing wrong with that, coz I still have lots of friends using mono-colour handphone, and for me, I just one leg "in of this world" by having a coloured screen phone. There is a 16 year old girl proud owner of a K700i asking me why I still using the lousy no camera, not MP3/MPEG supported, midi-poly ringtone, no bluetooth, no video recording... blah blah blah... handphone. Now this question actually kicks me out of this world.

So I guess I actually met an extraordinary gentleman when I was in US. He's using nokia 3210
. I also met this fantastic four alike girl using 5130. Chris turned back to extraordinary gentleman a while ago when his Nokia 3650 got stolen. KP told me a group of Japanese school kids laugh at him and his sister when they playing with their handphone while waiting for public transport during a trip in Japan. By the way, he's using Nokia's mono coloured luxury used to be 8890. Talk about Japan, they have 3G while we are still in mono colour handphone. So I have no idea what they are using now. Anyone please enlighten me ?

I'm not sure why people love to change handphone like changing their cloths. Follow the trend? Up to date? Fame? Too much money dunno were to spend? Company ordered like XXXXXXXX company who is a manufacturer of handphone, do not allow their employee to bring in any other brand of handphone into their working premise? I had to change coz I lost my old one.

If I would to change, it will be my parent's handphone first. Thanks to my bro they are using a camera phone now. Though they don't really ultilise the function much, I got my face snapped in their handphone. When I was small and not working, don't have any income, everytime my parents brought me something nice I would show off to me friends. Be it a watch, new shoes or new school uniform. Now they are not working and I had grown up, I'll buy for them. I think I'll just stop here before I get too emotional. Anyway I'll be back to Penang during Hari Raya. Any friends wanna have meet up please book earlier as time slot is running out fast... hehehe...

So, how many of you are extraordinary out there? Or Fanstastic? Or Superman/Superwomen?


Blogger erizabesu said...

-_- hahaha! i was using 5130 leh, then when 3210 came out it was DA phone...coz 2G...then when i finally earned enough to get a 3310,colour screens start to be out in the market...

then my mum wanted my hp becoz the screen is big enough for her to see, so i had to get another one..2100, but that phone only 1 week old then kena curi in klcc :(

then had to use back the 5130 till i got enough to buy a new one...THEN my bag got snatched, with the 5130 and some tissues inside! now, still using a out-of-this-world 2100...haha!

blek~* :p

2:58 PM  

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