Friday, August 12, 2005

How new plumber was born

The flood is getting worse, finally A/C called the plumber to fix the shower drain. Yes, it's stuck again. I tried everything I got, pump, broom, toilet brush, and pray. Yes, you heard it right, our PM says pray can help reduce haze. Suppose my stuck drain is a tiny problem compare to the haze, so god should be able to fix it immediately. But it all failed. Somehow I think god is too busy with the haze thingy for the moment. If you have god’s messenger ID, probably it looks like this now: “Away - brb, fixing the god satan damn haze in Malaysia”. Despite the advice from the last plumber to be careful because the drain's diameter is too small, blame the house developer for using cheap drain pipes.

This time we get another plumber to fix the problem, since the first one charged us RM80 and that's really hurt. I don't really know what the plumber was doing in there that time as he lock the bathroom door behind. This time, I decided to have a close look. Two guys came and with a glance with the drain, he says "RM200". WTF! RM200?! I can get 20 Diesel t-shirts, or 5 khakis + 1 branded t-shits, or 60 bottles of pringles, or a beautiful escort for half a day with current mega sale. I know conical mask's price goes up from RM0.50 to RM2.00 because of the haze, or a cup of Barli ice went up to RM1.30 from RM1.00 due to diesel/petrol price increment. But, what's with the plumbing? So I politely ask them go back coz I decided to call the previous plumber, and the price drop to RM130, with some "tough job" or "very hard to do" comments from them. Then A/C joins the fight, her statement of "I'll call the previous plumber" triggers them to decrease till RM100, and at the end they agree to do it for RM80. Lucky the shares I bought in main board don’t drop like that.

You can imagine how big my eyes was when they just use less than 30 seconds to fix the problem with a rubber stick. Tough job my ass. No wonder the first plumber shut the door when he was fixing the drain. Here goes my 8 diesel t-shirts.

After that I called up KP and check out the rubber stick's price, it was RM200. OMG, if I would to get con in the first place, that would be REALLY stupid. But RM80? It doesn't make me feel any better. Next time the drain gets stuck again, I'll go get my own rubber stick and do the job. After that I might be able to do part time plumbing service for you all. Ok, RM50 nett price, very cheap liao, best in PJ area. If you found cheaper price, please tell me, we can always work something out. Like 15 bottles of pringles.


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