Sunday, September 04, 2005

How much damage could a 3 year old gave?

Ok, you got the question, use your imagination and tell me. Below is how 3 year old mess up my weekend.

It was a bright sunny Saturday, no jam as usual coz KL people don't wake up so early, everything was so fine until i went to the shop and found out the PC can't load the program. OMG, that's a crisis, I can already imagine customer complaining and stuff pile up at the counter. Luckily the IT support is available since it is a working Saturday. Carry the PC to the headquarters and they manage to fix it. However when I went back, this time windows cannot start, and the IT people already went back home. I believe "DAMN" in this case is polluting the beauty of language but before I know I already used it.

Therefore for the next 24 hours I used up my computing knowledge I had, failure analysis skills, problem solving skills, hardware debugging skills, work till forgot to eat skill and work till no need to sleep skill to counter the problem. Going through some very emotional state such as regret of relying so much of the headquarters IT people who at the end didn't fix the problem, trapped in tension with no way out, and the mind of giving up and throw everything to the IT people on monday. But if all these get me, my degree in computing would have mean nothing and I feel like a looser. At the end i been through it, despite the stupid windows giving wrong direction telling me is a hardware malfunction.

So, who mess up my weekend?

His name is W32.Valla.2048. Anyone know who is his father please tell me, I gonnna do more than just kicking his big fat ass. Discovered on Nov2002, nearly 3 year old now. His is expert in plastic surgery, making things look different and even windows can't recognize himself so he can't load up. If you still dunno what I'm talking about, I just went through a VIRUS ATTACK by W32.Valla.2048 which modifies executable files that you have in windows. Not only this, I also found some program/data corruption and bugs due to company cut cost and hire lousy programmer who I think better go wash toilet coz they create less damage by then. However the main culprit is still the 3 year old kid.

I should have took a picture of how messy the shop was. Somehow I gonna create a standby backup system, minimizing PC downtime. But all these after I take a good sleep. Good night, I mean, afternoon, everyone.


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