Friday, August 26, 2005

My thoughts are running wild

When I started my blog, it's about my anger management inspired by a blogger, a place for me to express myself and of course, to let my friends know what I had been through lately. However after I start blogging, I always feel that something is still missing. Something that I wanted to shared with my friends.
Till today, I finally know what's missing after reading my friend's blog. Attached with her permission, and it's just one of the paragraph. I'll try to link up with her, haven't really talk with her about it. She do wrote a lot of good stuff, things that people could really ponder upon, things that could inspire people.

** English translation : What is the hinder in humans' living circle? It's communication. Thousand years ago our ancestors tried different ways to communicate with each others. Nowadays, we have language. However people now slowly forgotten the beauty of the language. They always abuse it with the negative feelings and thinking. The conversation between people is becoming victim. **

So what's missing in my blog?
Happiness. That's the answer, coz beauty reminds me of happy (^_~). I shared much of my anger, since it is suppose to be my anger management site. I shared my embarrass moments, my activities, funny stuff and people I met. May be the nearest entry come to happiness is the funny stuff, Steamboat and the beauty pageant activities.

Suppose there is nothing wrong if I didn't put happiness into my blog, even hatred blogs made it's own way to the top. But this is not what I really want. I tend to identify negative/passive people and stay far far away from them. Coz they are real energy suckers, drain all your happiness and inject you with negative feelings. Don't get me wrong that whining to friends at mamak stall is a bad thing and I'll put you into avoiding list. It's perfectly ok to release your tension, anger and worries by chatting with someone.

However, the difference is, energy suckers tend to whine EVERYTIME, EVERYDAY, EVERY SECOND. Everytime you see them, they are always unhappy, always have things to complain, always blaming people for the bad things that happened, always think that they are practicing the truth and everyone else is wrong, always have tons of excuses for their failures, always behave like the world is owing them something and they deserved something better.

It's not my intention to make my friend's day as bad as mine after reading my blog, or I would feel, that after reading the hatred in my blog, his/her happiness level will drop few hundred degrees. Even if you didn't, I'm might still guilty as polluting the beauty of the language. Anyway happy entries will be found in future, promised.

So how bad it is the language pollution in the society now? Anyone here doesn't know the word "FUCK"? If "OK" is the best known universal language in the world, I bet "Fuck" gonna substitutes it soon.

Seriously I don't think I had polluted the beauty of language. Coz the beauty lies in creating miracles for people. Don't you feel much better by giving middle finger top up by "FUCK YOU!" when bump into aunty driver who drive 10km/per hour in fast lane with a handphone chatting with the neighbor about the stray dog outside the house who just give birth to 3 little puppies and one of the puppy look just like her husband? Suppressing such tension will result in high blood pressure and higher probability to get a heart attack, and it is the fastest way to make you feel better and move on with such situation.

Now beauty of the language doesn't mean that it sounds pretty. You can't judge a book by it's cover, so do judging the essence of the language with beautiful words. If "Fuck" is making the world a better place, then it is one of the most beautiful words in the language, whether you are speaking English, Mandarin, Tamil, BM, Hokkien or Cantonese (By the way Cantonese have "Tiu" and Hokkien have "Kan ni nia", to beautify and enhance the feeling of the sentence).
Don't believe? Let me show you some examples.

Ah Lian : "Hi Ah Beng, how the fuck are you today?"

Ah Beng : "Hi Ah Lian, I'm fucking great today, thank you."

Now which part of the sentence above makes you feel bad? It sounds perfectly fine with no stress/anger/worries in it. Thus it didn't pollute the language. In fact, you can actually feel the "OHM" in it, which might jump start your day in early morning.

Of course there are many others, like the one i always used --> "Damn".

Yam Cha session at steven corner. Me, friend and his gf.

Me : Wah... the girl that just walk passed damn kau pretty leh...

Friend : No no... my gf is fucking prettier....

Friend's gf : hehe... *blush blush*

I think my friend gonna get lucky tonight.


Anonymous BLUEPIxie~ said...

WASAI man !!!!! i duno r u helping me to promote my phrase..or just debating!??!!sigh ~~~~ wanna kill u!!!!!!!!!!!

7:20 PM  
Blogger way said...

hehe..originally i really wanna promote the phrase and i actually did until half way... as i said, "My thoughts are running wild" ...hehe... by the way i have no intention to make fun of your phrase la... u do write best stuff in the neighbourhood.

1:29 AM  

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