Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'M ALIVE Episode II - The return of WAY~

Immediately after I post the last "I'm ALIVE" entry, the telekom phone line died this time.

I dunno how about others but for me, stupid things/challenges/problem/disasters always happen in a series. In this case, I can clearly see that the common denominator is TM! But I can't just switch to other service provider because they are the ONLY ONE.

I was looking for someone to open fire. No, of course not the customer service personnel because it's not their fault and it won't make any difference. Dato' Abdul Wahid Omar, CEO of TM will be the best choice. But too bad I dunno his phone number so I can't call and tell him his company sucks big time, both broadband and fixed line. Once you are their customer, they are so reluctant to service you. At one point Phil was discussing with me that may be we should cancel the service and apply a new one, so they'll be more willingly to come to our house and fix the problem.

Lastly, I got something to say.....

"MCCB KNNPKM GOD DAMN Shit Bloody hell Retard Tiu L** M*****FUC*** whoever sabotage/screw up my streamyx & telekom line, @()$*%&$*#$&^(#&=$..... "

Wah.... Shhh Fok Sai....

** Oh buddha please forgive me for swearing, can't help it, won't happen next time till TM screw up concurrently twice **


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