Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Yo dudes~ I"M ALIVE!

Not blogging for more than a week doesn't confirm that I'm DEAD! Anyway something did die, not me, but the STREAMYX. If I could just know how "good" the technical support was, I wouldn't waste my time depend on them. OMG, did I just said "depend"? That's the worse party one can depend on....

Day 1 15th September 05
- Set my DAP to download Groove's "God is a girl" and went to work. When I was back, Phil told me that there's a black out for near 2 hours from 11.30pm till 1.30am.
- Come on, I wasn't even downloading porn, it's not even in my pending download list. I had grew up to be able to realise that real action is always better than watching DVD/VCD/MPEG/JPEG/. May be someone don't like the idea of "God is a girl". Nice song, anyway, happen to got it before the blackout.

*** Note to Ah F, after reading the above paragraph doesn't mean you should stop sending me the "good" stuff ***

Day 2 16th September 05
- Power On/Off the DSL305E modem, repair my network settings, bypass splitter/switch, usually works but it didn't this time. Well, I was very much alive and happy 10 years ago without internet, I won't die without it for, few days.
- Call 1-300889515 for TM technical help. The technical guy ask me to do the same thing I just did. Damn, I just use my common sense but those people were trained with common sense only. So I logged a report.

Day 3 & 4
- It's weekend ~ I'm too busy till no time to online. No reply from TM, they probably went to check out the MATTA fair.

Day 5 19th September
- Start to worry my mailbox will get overload thanks to Ah F & CY, on second thought, 1GB should be able to sustain for, like, 2 weeks?
- ICQ/MSN/YAHOO/BLOGS/TRADING.... aarrrggghhh... It's harder than I think. Called TM again to check out the status, they said no problem at their side, suggested me to reboot my PC. I was like "WTF?" I logged the report at 15th and now is 19th. That guy think my PC is a server on for 24/7 and I haven't reboot my PC since the first day I switch it on.
- Exactly 3.53pm a friend message me and ask whether I'm still alive. I think it was a joke. But half and hour later another friend message me and ask me the same thing. OMG, I REALLY have to get my internet back!!!!

Day 6 20th September
- Not working today. So I reset the DSL modem, TM side they reset as well. Call the TM coz I never set up the dialer before. Lucky this time I got a technical guy who said the magic word"@streamyx". And why no one told me since the first time I called?
- Now only I confirm that the blackout might caused the router settings to get wiped off or corrupted. So I setup the router again. Thanks to zam4ever for the steps.

Ok, Max, don't laugh, I know I should have know all these basic/common sense but I think I had returned everything to you... hehe...


Anonymous BJ said...

A ha.. Wat is the 'good' stuffs tat u nvr share with us for 2 years? No wonder u can spend time in ur room without us!! And send me the song too! I'm craving for a song tat can enlighten my life.

4:45 PM  
Blogger erizabesu said...

i think gloria gaynor's 'i will survive' is a better song...haha!

8:40 PM  
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