Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Something spoiled again...

…so I went to complain....

Me : Eh.. the thing so bloody expensive, RM200, how come no warranty one ?

HQ : Err.. because get from oversea.. (China)

Me : Ha? Like that how? You must fix for me the mean time please get me a temporally one…

HQ : Ok we'll try fix, may be just the pin inside drop already... Next time ask the staff to be more gentle...

Me : Woah... all the staff are girls leh... not gentle enough ar?

HQ : Err.. still not gentle enough, so it died...

Me : Ok I'll get boys to work.

By the way, HQ is a woman, if you ask.

So LK, WY, WF, C, and J, HQ said please be MORE gentle. I met Agent Smith at kenny's place, he says :

***Updated. Thanks kenny sia for the pic.


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