Tuesday, September 27, 2005

erizabesu... The Angel/Devil?

I still remember when I was small I heard conversation from Hong Kong Kung Fu movies, phrases like "We haven't met for more than 10 years.... bla bla bla..." I used to think that was very cool, As they must be very good friend because that time my friendship intensity calculation is directly proportional to time, as shown below.

However through out these years, this formula that I use to believe doesn't apply on all the friends that I met. Sad to say, especially the only two friends whom I know since I was kindergarten, went in to the small primary and secondary school, yet we weren't that close as we used to be when we were small. But they always remain my best friend in my heart.

Last friday I have a chance to say "Woah.... We haven't met for more than 10 years liao.... bla bla bla...". And I realised that this is NOT COOL AT ALL! Because all the Kung Fu master whom say this are extremely old, white hair with super long beard, on the edge of dying in a battle coz they only gather when there is a problem. Anyway the good news is, my childhood formula could be applied.

This special girl is WQ. I was really impressed because she still remember I was left handed after all these years, my secondary school buddies don't even know coz till now they would still "Walaueh, you are 'Toh Qiew Kuai'" (Hokkien: Left handed monster). I still remember she was a active and talkative (yes, I forgot to tell you this :P ) girl. You could always see her around, one of the popular girl in primary school. She speaks good english, as far as I remember. But I couldn't really remember whether I did bullied her a not, I think I did, and a lot, coz all the cute and pretty girls in my class should be bullied by me before :P May be that's why I still remember her after all these years, found her blog while browsing around.

From KLCC Signature Food court's lunch to California Pizza Kitchen's dinner, we chatted from 1.30pm till 9pm. That was like, more than what I talk for 2 weeks. Childhood friends' gossip, new friends, interesting/funny/stupid stuff around us, Crapz... we chatted almost everything. The funny thing is, she lost her voice after this... hehehe... and its getting late so we call it a day.

She looked shy, isn't she? Wait till you see her true colours... :P

*WQ, will call you for reunion, don't worry ~ You still have few months to learn how to use mascara and dress nice before CNY*


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