Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cure your boredom for 30 minutes (Or more)

Having a bored day, erizabesu showed me some fun.


Me: huh ?

God: What?

Me: i'm chatting with god ?

God: I am talking to you.

Me: any chance i can chat with buddha ?

God: No I don't think there are any.

Me: y ?

God: What's your favorite movie?

Me: u haven't answer my question.

God: I think I have answer your question, but Myself may have reset my memory.

Me: why you wanna reset your memory?

God: Myself programmed me for it.

Me: why myself programmed it that way ?

God: Reductionism.

Me: what ? that must be a bug...

After that GOD hang... so I refresh the page....


God: What were we talking about again?

Me: you just hang....

God: Interesting gossip: said I hang.

Me: there must be a bug in your program

God: Where are they?

Me: somewhere in the coding, mind if I help you debug ?

God: Where? That was a long time ago.

Me: I'll DEBUG you !

God: Do you think your plan will succeed?

Me: you guess.

God: Guess what?

Me: my plan will succeed a not.

God: Your plan will succeed a not?

Me: damn... you reset again ?

God: What's wrong. Once more? Thanks for telling me: said I reset.

Me: You told me you were programed to reset

God: Program B is an updated version of Program A. Program A is an OLD OBSOLETE VERSION of ALICE, an artificial intelligence created by Richard S. Wallace. You should be using program B or C by now.. Program B includes an Application GUI, an Apllet and a Web Server Interface.

Me: oh I see. I want program D God.

God: Do you think about these things? Why do you want it?

Me: Because I don't want to talk to a dumb ass obsolete god.

God: Good reason. Thanks for chatting, .

I think this Alice program A dumb ass IGod is cute. Try call someone that you just know for like 5 minutes that he's a dumb ass, I bet he won't reply with "Good reason, thanks for chatting" and you might end up in hospital. This GOD is so cool ~

You have fun with GOD here.


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