Sunday, November 27, 2005

Part/Full time scam, how not to fall for it?

Ever heard news about people looking for part/full time and get conned at the end, loosing tons of money? Today I'll give a brief intro on how these people do it and a dummy guide on how not to get con.

Before I begin, just want to let you guys know that I didn't get con, in fact, I have a chance to work for a company using one of these methods. Bear in mind there could be more ways they do it, so far I get feedback from the people and my own experience, these are what I got.

Type 1- Direct Con
An advertisement calling for part time/full time job. when you call, they'll ask you to come for interview, and then at the spot trying to sell you their products, with their good marketing presentation and closing skill + your dumb ass IQ of -100, you think you actually get an opportunity to buy some valuable stuff in cheap price, what you actually bought is an expensive lesson.

Type 2 - MLM/Direct sale style scam
You can argue that this is not con, as tons of people out there doing MLM nowadays. I can imagine how they gonna kill me if I say it is a con. But placing an ad on the paper, looking for part timers, not telling them is a MLM company until they turn up for interview/training session, they'll try to persuade you to try out their products before you start selling. Or in order to work for them you have to buy their products. At the end when you sign the contract, you realized is actually an MLM company. To me, not telling the truth in the first place, manipulating people, is CON!

Type 3 - Deposit scam
An advertisement calling for part/full time data entry, home based or any internet based. This is how it works. You can take the job task back home and do, but you'll need to pay deposit for the thing you take back home. The more you want to earn, the more you have to take back and to take back more you have to deposit more. Get the idea? THEY SUPPOSE TO PAY YOU! Not you pay them back!

Type 4 - Sell your details scam
An advertisement calling for part time, can earn RM1000 per week, but have to sms your name and address to them to apply. For the next coming few weeks you gonna receive tons of brochure and stuff, all asking you to buy their product and sell to others. Don't get me wrong, there is job available, but you have to buy their product first. Almost same like type two. Come on, think about it, it's much cheaper to hire a Bangla or PMR kid for RM1000 per month rather than pay you RM1000 per week. Bear in mind now they also know where you stay and your name. Imagine what they can do with it. Ever heard people selling email address? So I believe your real name and house address is even more valuable than the virtual email address. I suggest you go buy a bigger mail box to cater for future heavy load of letters.

Type 5 - Indirect Brainwash/Twisting scam, investment style.
An advertisement calling for part/full time data entry/customer service or whatever. You will need to go for an interview. And no matter how hard you try to ask, you won't get any further details. They'll tell you the person in charge is not in, we can't entertain everyone that call else it will take whole day just to pick up few calls. In fact, if they got the time to explain why they can't tell you, they will have the time to tell you what it is about. They can't, because if they tell you, you won't be coming for interview. Their main purpose is to lure you for the interview.

So you have to waste half/one day of annual leaves, just for attending the interview. During your interview, since you think you are looking for a job, you'll tell them everything that they ask, like what is your previous job, how much they pay you, what's your dad doing? How much he earn.. blah blah.. At the end they'll know how rich you are, and every single detail about you. The psychology of interviewer is always superior then the application is been taken advantage here. They used it to know you more. After knowing your are rich enough, or so called "prospect", you will need to attend a training.

So you are very happy now, thought yourself got a new job and they gonna train you. You took another day of hard earn annual leave just to attend the training. During the training they'll have a "very brief" introduction on their company and what they doing. Apparently they are Investment Company, showing you how much they help people earning money and how much you can earn if you put money with them. Now your greed starts to awaken. You actually think you "accidentally" found an opportunity to earn money. Then you are, not far from falling into their trap. as for those who still stick to the part time job, they'll keep teaching you on some data entry orders or calculation just to make you think there is a proper data entry part time available. Either you will be given a first test assignment where else you would certainly failed, further wasting your time or they'll just tell you that you need to find clients in order to have part time income. If you come to this stage, means that you been filtered out.

As for the prospect, there will be a further private one to one session. They'll ask you how you think about their company, earning money is so easy with them and so on. They'll bite on your greed and attacked from there. With some solid pushing and excellent closing skill, they won't let you think too much before you realized you were coming for a part time job. You mind been twisted and you will be signing an application form for investment at the end of the day.

If you think you are smart, I think you are not as smart as you think you are. I saw some highly educated people, as well as uneducated people. All get into the trap without realizing anything wrong. My heart ache when I see father that accompany daughter come for interview, scared that the daughter get con, at the end the father fall for the trap, signing the investment agreement. There are also people who burn off all the annual leave for all these nonsense. So what you wanna do? Sue them? No you can't. Because there is part time available, it's a registered company, and you actually bought their products and they didn't force you or take you as hostage. But before you can reach the part time job, you already pay a lot of prices. In fact, nobody got the part time job that they advertise in the newspaper. NOBODY!

In conclusion, their marketing strategy is to lure you to their company for a conning session. When you step into the company, you are almost as good as dead. If you realize, all of them using the same trick, GREED. Everyone has it. They will awaken your greed within and manipulate your from there. Not to say fear and some other psychology factor when you are having a one to one session in an unfamiliar place. I can tell you, they are extremely good in this.

So how not to get con?
1) Eliminate your greed
Ok that doesn't work, else we'll have world peace since long time ago like the beauty pageant queen always said. So what you can do is, awareness. Know how they do it. Remember you always have the final saying, and you always have the choice to reject. You can ask lots of questions, if they cannot provide you the answer you want, meaning they always "take you walk the garden" (tell you something else), you just leave the place. Real part time job is very straight forward, one hour how much, do what, how long, how to do, and that's all. Plain easy and simple, else it would not call part time!

2) Classified ads
All these companies LOVE to put their advertisement in classified, a very small column of ad. You'll be surprise how many people actually are looking at these ads. Per ad per day, you can lure more than 100 calls. It's cheap and it works perfectly. If you could, try not to look for those cheap part time ads. No doubt there are real part time job ads in there, but you need to be wise enough to filter out. May the wisdom be with you.

3) Ask tons of questions.
It's your right to know everything and what you gonna deal with. As I said, if they have time to explain why they cannot tell you, they'll have time to tell you in brief what it is about. They'll avoid by saying, "The person in charge is not around, how may I help you" or get your details and put you into interview appointment before you even know what they are dealing with. Beware, think from the employer side. If you were to hire someone, won't you want to ask more about the person you will be hiring? In stead of just get their details and ask them come for interview/training? Logically they will try to filter some people in phone first before proceed to interview, so it won't waste their time. Or atleast ask you to send in resume right? They don't ask much about you because as long as you have the money, nothing matters.

4) The missing ghost person
Most of the time you'll see the person in charge is always not around. Because the person doesn't exist. They love to put some nice girls' name. Like Cindy or whatever. Try ask where is the person and when he/she will be back, you only want to talk to the person in charge. Most of the time they put a dummy name just to stop people at that point. The idea is, when you heard the person in charge is not around, and the receptionist want to get your details, either help you made and appointment or say the person in charge will call you back, you will most probably gave in your details. Moreover, even you ask a lot, since the "person in charge" is not around, the receptionist could just say he/she don't know, and you'll stop asking more.

Not all the callers really need part time job. As I saw, some people can easily fork out 10-20k just for signing up. Why come for part time job and get coned? Greed? Plain stupid? Better donate to me la...

If you are wondering, I had resigned, and I haven't con anyone yet (^_^)V. I have no idea why my colleagues could survive for so long, as me and another guy decided to leave. They don't feel guilty, to them it's just a marketing strategy. They always avoid the question when I ask them. Convincing themselves that they are helping people to earn money. Or may be they work for the money, because plus commission, earning more than 10K per month is not a problem.

I didn't quit the first day because I think I should find out more and how they do it. Somehow the idea of "I SHOULD PUT THIS ON MY BLOG AND TELL THE WHOLE WORLD" strikes me. Until know I still feel stupid. Hope you guys find this guide helpful. This is the most I could tell. As you might see I actually worked in the type 5 company, that's why it is so detailed. The type 1-4 is where I receive the calls and get to know from the people that got conned. Hope I won't get myself into trouble for exposing these stories.

Happy job hunting.


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