Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Magnificent Seven

I was tagged by erizabesu. D.A.M.N.
Like I haven't exposed enough of my own shit. The last time after I post that entry, lots of sms came asking. After that somehow my appointment list for mamak session/movie/hugs goes empty for the next coming week. The last hug I got was from CY, coz she dunno I was selling shit that time.

In case you guys curious, I never touch any shit while working in that company. Somehow their business had changed into a type 5 company. I guess conning is always better than sell shit. To me, they are still doing shit. Somehow I feel that they gonna be in deep shit soon. Ok, enough of shit, lets go to The Magnificent Seven ~

7 Things That Freak Me Out
-Gangster police
-Flying cockroaches
-My old car died in the middle of busy road, AGAIN!
-A growing balloon, exceeding it's limits, looks like gonna blow anytime -_-"
-People read my blog and start to stay away from me (I'm not selling shit anymore, ok?)
-Long fingernail bitch/bastard scratching the blackboard/glass/metal or any similar sharp sound
-Wake up on my bed and saw the hot chic I kissed last night turn out to be a GUY!!! EEEeeuuuuuuu ~

7 Things To Do Before I Die
-Happily Ever After
-Tour around the world
-More and more time for my family
-Get bloody rich, richer than any of your wildest dream
-See Erizabesu go to marie france and slim down at the end
-Have lots of babies (could be substitute by sex, I'm very flexible)
-Become a successful businessman, professional trader, brilliant investor, and entrepreneur of the year. Ops, that's more than 7 already...

7 Often Repeated Words
-What the f**k
-Oh my God/Buddha

7 Random Facts About Me
-I'm a very nice person!!!
-My room is super messy (By default)
-Could sleep more than 16 hours a day
-Did a 180 degree turn with my car on a rainy day
-My room is super clean (When girls coming to visit/stay, prior to given notice)
-I prefer sending all my cloths to laundry rather than washing myself, saving the time to... let see... sleep?

7 People Whom I'm About To Tag
Didn't you read the 7 Random Facts About Me? I'm a N.I.C.E person. So I'm not gonna tag anyone :P


Blogger dunknwy said...

next time i advuse ur fre better dun tel u if they wan come to ur house stay so tht they can see ur real own.

3:56 PM  
Blogger way said...

That's the real me also, just the tidy side of me..
By the way, DO tell me when u r coming :P

7:55 PM  
Anonymous CY said...

Hi Honey,

I'd give you plenty of hugs, anytime you want, whether you are selling shit or not ;)

Here's a virtual hug until the next time we meet! *big big hugs*

Shittily yours,

11:54 AM  

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