Thursday, January 12, 2006

Some thoughts

Read this yesterday and I recalled my own experience.

It's very often that I saw Christian don't touch joss sticks, or anything related to other religion. Well I have no problem with that, because Buddha never encourages that in the first place. In fact, Buddha doesn’t even want his followers to chop trees, not to say doing anything to hurt mother nature. It was when Buddhism spread into China, mixed with local cultures and believes, invented the joss sticks and other methods of praying of Buddha.

So what happen was, a woman came into the shop and saw a jewelry that look quite similar to what a Buddhist would wear. It, of course, got nothing to do with religion, but the woman complained that the "thing" is making her feel sick, and it would stop ALL the Christians from coming into the premise. The next day i grab a Christian friend and ask what's wrong with the jewelry, and he says I asked the wrong question, I should had ask "What's wrong with the woman!"

‘all hardcore religious enthusiasts are just weird’. This is really a good one. It doesn't matter which religion you are in. These people just don't have respect and tolerance towards other religion. And more often they are the source of conflicts, or in serious cases, war.

Later I remove the jewelry. Partially because of the woman, and I'm going send those stuff back to the supplier anyway, so might as well do it earlier.

Gonna go out to celebrate birthday with a hardcore joker. Now this is the only few hardcore type of people I enjoy being with :)


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