Sunday, January 08, 2006

Finally, my first entry in 2006!

This time less people message and call to check whether I'm alive or not for not blogging for SOOOOooOOoooo long... May be my new year wish message shows that I'm fine.

By the way, if you didn't receive my new year message, which I send to all the phone numbers in my handphone, please email me at "" and update me your new number! Like, I have more than 30 bounce back, more than 10 messaged back and ask who am I, and another near ten called for the same questions. In the process I made a few new friends, like "Oh, since you message me( or since you got my number), I think we are destined to be friends... blah blah....

I also met some friends who totally forgot who am I, but pretending to be remember, saying something like "Hi, I had been missing you too, same wishes goes to you too, hope we can meet again. Before that, may I know who are you?"
I was like, "@$*&#$(^*&*(&#$$($#!!! forgot who am I still can miss me? It didn't take them to recall when I screw them maximum... hehe...

I think I also get cursed by some people. Like, it suppose to be my friends' number but may be my friends lost it/change, due to prepaid now is so god damn cheap, RM 5 for RM 25 value of calls, some are few cents cheaper, some even got active 8! So I think what happen was, after a while maxis start to sell back the numbers to the market, like they always LOVE to do when a number expired. This new owner must be in the middle of getting lucky for the new year but my message just came in, spoiled the whole romantic suppose to be event, and he/she gonna spend the new year alone.

So I think their curse came true. With the latest virus definition updated, windows firewall on, best known spybot software in the market, my computer, still didn't survive the attack. It hacked into my pc, installed dunno how many unlicensed pirated software, block all administrative access, block the IE from browsing, changed my leng looi wallpaper into some "you com got hacked" message, started an email worm keep sending messages every millisecond, eat up all the resources, and the Norton, at the same time, giving virus and worm warning but it says "Detected but failed to clean". Like you go to hospital, the doctor say "You are sick but I dunno how to cure you". What's the name? AIDS?

Holy shit, have you ever get such huge attacks at the same time? It's like the whole internet are throwing everything they got at me. I wasn't even browsing/downloading porn! Nothing I could do, so I switch of the power, format the harddrive and reinstall windows. After whole day of software installation and formatting, It works for like, 3 hours before everything same start to happen again! What a good way to start my new year -_-"

Lucky me for having tons of additional hard drives for backups. I took a brand new one and install. So far, everything works fine, but... I'm still thinking a way to retrive my data from the old hard drive, without getting spied/virused/spy-botted/hacked/wormed again. Now using firefox as my main browser, enabling high security + firewall, disabling all the active-X and pop-ups, browsing net is so uneasy.

Ok, got to go, any suggestions from computer experts are most welcomed.


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