Thursday, February 09, 2006

Online CNY dairy ~ part 1

First Day back in PG~
At the evening my sister woke me up from evening nap after a long drive back from KL. She had a very good reason to wake up a sleeping tiger. I thought I was dreaming when I heard what she said, but it's REAL, she's treating me.....

To get treated by my sister is as hard as striking the toto.
While I was working with Walls, I never quite figured out why those angmoricans don't want to try the ice-cream sample I distribute, rather than straight go grab a bucket of the super expensive luxury Haagen-Dazs. Until I tried one myself in the legendary money sinking black hole (MAS, in short) on their business class. I still remember it was a strawberry ice-cream. Note that is STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM, not STRAWBERRY FLAVOURED ICE-CREAM, it's like, eating iced strawberry... Anyway, the moment I land my feet on US, I was waiting for the $5 buy one free one Haagen-Dazs promotion. After that, I haven't been having much ice-cream, till now.

First day of CNY ~
My grandparents have the tradition of going to the temple to pray before we start the ang pow giving ceremony. So the whole clan will gather at the temple, except some of my aunties and cousins who are Christian, they will wait at my grandma's house to give ang pow..hehe..Like every year, I get myself a mandarin orange and a "Fu" (Dunno what it's called in english), and I was told to go home burn it a drink with water -_-"

Only if this is made of kuih kapik..... Anyone wanna try?

Non of my family member ate this, of course. It's already 2006, not 1906. But it's fun to see people still grab a few more for their family and friends. I have one extra, please email me if any of you want to eat, first come first serve.

After the ang pow giving session, 38 chatting session, aunties and uncles' "Why you didn't bring your gf/Why you didn't get married" interrogating session, I went home exhausted. The next agenda will be CNY celebration with neighbors. Now this is he part that I really like. As compare to other normal people who had 2 neighbors, I actually have 5 neighbors. Out of the 5 neighbors, one just moved out, and we only keep in touch with two of the rest. One of them is an Indian family, and another one is Malay. Forget about the chinese neighbors, somehow malay and indian are nicer people. We always share good stuff during CNY, Raya, and Deepavali. This time in exchange of CNY cookies, the malay neighbor gave us....

ROTI JALA ~ With the best malay style curry chicken ~

Our real reunion dinner only happen on the first day of CNY, rather than on CNY eve itself. This is because my aunties will go to their husbands' family reunion before coming back to Pg. So can't miss it because I would get another few more ang pows during the dinner :p
Before I went out I found that my socks....

According to one of my friend, this is not good feng shui because the money will leak out from there -_-" Now I know she got the habit of keeping money in her socks, I think I'm going to give her a lecture about the theory of fixed deposit banking, dunno she can take it a not....

This year we had our dinner at The Northam. It should be the worse dinner I ever had during CNY. Bad service, food is bad, fish is half cooked, expensive... The only good thing is the hotel lobby staffs will help open the door with a great smile :)


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