Friday, January 13, 2006

What makes me 2KG fatter in 4 and half hours

Thought i would get some hugs from CY yesterday, or I should give her some :) But she was sick, so she don't want me to hug her. Anyway CY if you are reading, I'm having running nose now, so it makes no difference whether I hug you or not, i still got infected :P

...hehe... just kidding, I think because I ate too much sambal during the birthday dinner starts from 7.30pm till 12am. That's really crazy. After I came back, I measure my weight and I'm now 2KG heavier than yesterday! Can you imagine that? 2KG of chicken, beef, lamb, fish, vege, corn, fish balls, FF's special own made soup, ice-cream, bee-hun, ham, sambal, a huge cup of watermelon, and.... damn.... so sleepy after the super heavy meal, I think I had almost every food they had, plus lots of BUTTER! Yes, BUTTER!

We were celebrating L's birthday at Restaurant Telefon at Kuchai Lama. They are famous for the "eat all you can" steamboat and fried pan. My first time there, Everything is so oily but can't help it. No picture coz TT took my digicam.

They have quite a variety food, such as meat, fish, sea food, including crab, normal food you will have for steamboat, plus some food you'll see in buffet. I especially like their lamb and the marinated chicken, taste just like satay after fried. Can't remember how many I took, but I think that's the main contributor of the 2KG. Rather than using oil to fry, we choose to use butter, coz it taste much better. And I think the butter I just ate are more than what I had in one whole year -_-"

No more butter for the coming months. I'll switch to kaya. Oh yeah, lately haven't met the aunty that use to sell GOOD kaya around sea park/paramount. I wonder where she is.

**CY, we still have pending task to complete next week --> Movie + Secret recipe cheese cake + remind me to return your stuff


Anonymous CY said...

LOL! Yes, we still have to complete a few pending tasks next week. Eh, turns out I'm more sick than expected! That week, I thought I was having normal flu and would recover after a course of antibiotics. Then on Sunday night, I coughed out some blood! BLOOD!! It was really freaky! My eyes were bigger than saucers! So I went back to the doctor who was very concerned and did a full check up on me. Turns out I have lung infection and very bad sinus problem.

I'm now on another course of antibiotics for SEVEN DAYS! I hate taking medication. :D

So since you already build up immune system against my viruses, then ya lah, next time I see you I give you a long and loving hug! :)

11:33 AM  

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