Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Blogging Personality?!

Your Blogging Type is Cutting Edge and Amusing

You're a legendary storyteller, and you amuse many with your anecdotes.

In fact, you can turn the dullest part of your day into a colorful event.

You're also up on what's new and cool - from fashions, to links, to gadgets.

You're the perfect combo: down to earth, funny, and a little mischievous.

Walaueh.... cutting edge you know, don't play play.... Eeerr... turn dullest part into a colorful event ? Let me see... Ok, I gonna put some new colors into my blog later... SEE ~ I'M UP ON WHAT'S NEW AND COOL~ FASHIONS! So stop comment about my style already....

What's Your Blogging Personality?

P/S : By the way you are welcome to follow me to make sure you ALWAYS stand in front of the fashion trend :P


Anonymous erizabesu said...

yeah yeah, colorful bras!!


11:46 PM  

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