Sunday, February 26, 2006

Talk about TeleCon (Telekom)

Wow.... I'm not alone after all. Coz Telekom hire idiots just to annoy their customers.

"it seems that we have accidentally cut your line by mistake" WTF is that? link here and here.

My phone line no dial tone for more than a week, after that follow by Streamyx down for another 4 days. They have no idea why my line down for more than 2 weeks. But I think I make new friends because the help desk girl recognize me.

help desk : "Oh, you lagi ke? Sila jangan call lagi, kami sudah log report untuk nombor ini"

Me : "You told me to call back in 24 hours for the update"

help desk : *silence* We still checking...........

Including my housemates, I think we called to complain about the fault like 9-10 times a day. I actually expecting them to say this on my second call but they only told me they have already log the report in the 10th call. What happened to my 8 previous calls? They actually do nothing about it? Or their system doesn't tell them that this number is having problem, a report is been filled and the technician have to take a look, until you call and log report for the 9th time, both on your phone line and streamyx.

Another prove of idiots working there is by checking your phone bill, you will see that during technical fault, you suppose to call 100. The 100 number can only be called using your telekom line and they expect you to be able to dial 100 when your telekom line is down. So either you get your neighbors phone to call or you dig some place else. You won't find the legendary hidden helpdesk phone number on your phone bill, because they don't really want you to call them. Just in case you need it, and most probably you will need it, the number is "03-22971299" and for streamyx "1-300-88-9515"

Only if I have a second choice for phone line and broadband internet connection service provider....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

think you already know about my experiences with them
aint pretty and hopefully, things can be settled by end of April
nothing much to add on to your comments abt the quality of people & service they hire (you do realise the majority 'race'of their employees right?)
hehe..get my hint??

2:24 PM  

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