Monday, May 08, 2006

Choice of being happy

You know it will be a BAD day when:
1) Early morning saw a dog kena bang by car, cars followed behind that drove more than 90km/h ran over the dog again and again and... -_-" (didn't stay to watch since i'm driving too. But the next day everything is clean again, no trace) After that the car that hits the dog drive like, 40km/h, I guess he feels guilty for killing the dog, as he didn't slow down even he saw the dog is crossing the road, may be karma will turn him into a dog who cross the highway in his next life.

2) Got a pimples Cham... Not leng zai anymore.. cannot let leng lui kao for whole week :(

3) Bosses is on MC - Die liao la, boss + second boss work till sick, i still not sick, like i never work hard enough, then boss not here, all the stuff i have to do liao la...

You know it will be a GOOD day when:
1) Early morning saw a dog kena bang by car. Luckily not me bang the dog, car no problem, no karma, police won't come look for murderer, less one living organism consuming the oxygen, which become lesser and lesser nowadays.

2) Got a pimples. Pimples are only eligible for young people ok, that's why it's called "qing1 chun1 dou4" in mandarin. I'm still damn young...

3) All bosses is on MC!! NO GOVERNMENT! YES !! I'm the boss today, and I say EVERYONE CAN GO BACK EARLY!!

... and I'm having a good day today.
Oh my buddha, I don't really wish to have a dog died everyday, a new pimples everyday, or my boss sick everyday... How about a cockroach died everyday, become more leng zai everyday and my boss gives increment everyday?


Blogger lunaticgal said...

phew how long i wait for your new post...

ill be happy if mossie died everyday, crocoach run away everyday..pimples lesser everyday, and more lengzhai talk to me everyday lol

increment...hmrph, its not to me, YET...hope my loan will become scholarship muahahha

12:48 PM  
Blogger way said...

hehe..busy mah.. don't even have the time to shit ar.. not to say blogging, if my boss see my blog she'll think i'm too free liao.. :P

wah... loan turn into scholarship, that's a good one...

6:42 PM  
Blogger lunaticgal said...

OoO ur boss is a "SHE" ar?? teruk man...
then u need to wish for your boss turn from SHE to

9:59 AM  

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