Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm back - But no juicy story :(

Suppose to post up how the god damn police threaten me but the government trying to get rid of bloggers who publish info that cause disturbance, plus it's the police that will investigate. Some more the incident also involve racism statement. So I guess it's better I just "forgot" the whole thing.

Anyway I got other juicy story for you guys later :) so many events lately but no time to blog only...

Turtle send me this sms:

Problem statement :Went 2 ur blog. no updates since 4ever.

Analysis: 1. U r dead! 2. U r 2 busy Pak Tor.

Corrective Action: Leave a note somewhere confirming ur presence.

Then I realised I haven't been posting for 2 months -_-"

That's so nice of turtle to provide a comprehensive technical analysis plus corrective action FOC. Such service don't come free from a first degree consultant :P

So what I had been doing since July 10? Let me see, i went to Kuantan Balok beach for company's teambuilding, involved in company new logo design (somehow I prefer the current logo rather than my own design, but the winner will get money, so I decided to warm up my Photoshop skill again), finished the god damn super big project which cause me to stay back work late every single day including weekends for the pass few months till my mum say I got fat due to the excessive snacks and eat-at-table lunch/dinner no time exercising habit, got forced to wear skirt and performed in company's stage event, went clubbing, move office... and when I thought everything is solved and I can start going back at 6pm sharp again, the bloody project went wrong and came back to hunt me again -_-"

I think the project was jinxed....

Till then, more details on the events later... babye~


Anonymous Turtle said...

:) You're welcome. I'm interested in the picture where you wear skirt and show of your countless 'assets'. You know what I mean...

1:23 PM  
Blogger way said...

cannot ar.. if i publish here the public might get mental disturbance.. so lucky u, u won't be seeing it :P

5:43 PM  
Blogger lunaticgal said...

oh so glad ur still alive :D

11:41 PM  
Blogger way said...

hehehe... thanks for your concern, u can always revive me with choc ~ :P

4:13 PM  
Anonymous muffin said...

when we go talipon wor!!


so bad, that day go out with yau yau also didnt call me... :'(

3:37 AM  
Blogger way said...

wah.. lucky u remind me, almost forgot we suppose to go talipon..

soli soli, that time very hurry, didn't call anyone else also la... will call u next time.. may b can straight away go talipon there..

2:13 PM  

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