Monday, March 26, 2007

How to persuade people stay in company

Due to the excellent management and their continuous effort, my company's senior management successfully push the company's attrition rate to all times high, higher than our KLCI already.

From my top ten leng looi list of year 2006, 7 left, and the rest 3 of them also looking for opportunity to leave. This company is doomed already la... no leng looi... no motivation.. and the dumbass management send out a dumb email which sound like this today :

"Do you know that for all permanent employees your leave day increases based on your loyalty with the Company?


Please refer to our policy & procedure. Click the link below:"

Like people will care if their leave increase 3 days after suffering for years. Moreover the management does not allow people taking leave during critical times, and due to the high attrition rate, everything is in critical mode, so end up you will burn your leave because the company DOESN'T ALLOW LEAVE CARRY FORWARD!

Can you imagine this is the crap was send out by expert who speciallized in handling people ? May be they should really check before hiring her as HR manager. The she provided is not the direct link, but the link to the main page. The real link is 4 clicks away, with more than 5 selections in each click, if you lucky enough to click on the right link.

People like me, not expert in HR, know pc more than knowing how dumb ass brain works, but I know how to make people feel like staying... like

"Do you know that for all permanent employees your salary increases exponentially based on your loyalty with the Company?"
"Do you know that for all permanent employees who resign your salary increases exponentially based on our counter offer from the Company?"

plus the direct link to the policy file.

No need to have a degree in HR, or PR, or psychology, just use brain can write out such thing already...

Anyway, I went to the career fair last weekend. Met so many colleagues, like a gathering like that :p


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's why they should hire peeps with either experience and theoritical knowlegde for that HR role mah
I was repeatedly told that ppl can perform in other areas as long as they have interest.
But my interest lies in HR but if they dun wanna help themself by tapping into my knowledge, that's their loss

1:49 PM  
Blogger lunaticgal said...

u going off too? :P

12:38 AM  

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