Monday, January 22, 2007

Near death experience?

As boring as life could be, people would even pay to get their own life threatened more exciting. Like the kenny sia bungee jumping, pixxie do her hair or lunatic watching rotting water melon (FOC).

For RM73 I just had a “breathtaking” experience which whenever I think back, I still can get cold sweat -_-ll

My company management finally realized that their own people are going through lots of stress, especially working with extraordinary idiots or keep training for new people due to the attrition rate. So they have this "Effective Time and Stress Management" training on last Saturday. Since everyone resigned, so I'm the only one that attending (No la, it was HOLIDAY! The rest of the people don't bother to go, so I went). It was a cold and windy Saturday morning where I suppose to lay my butt on my bed. My company LOVE to have training on Saturdays, coz then they still can have their people working during working days. So kiam siap right? that's explain the attrition rate.

Back to the story, so I was driving to KL town and when I reaching the traffic light, it turns red so I step on the break pedal. To my greatest horror, the break is not working. Like, I step the pedal till the end yet the car is still moving. The whole world suddenly feel like freezing, in less than 0.001 second the phrase "Shit, I'm so F*cked this time..." appear in my mind, and I need to react in the next second before some 16 wheeler truck hit me as my car will pass the traffic light soon. Thanks to the Daytona training in the arcade centre during my younger age, my subconscious mind triggers my hand to shift to gear 1 and pull the handbrake. Lucky me, I was able to stop just right in front of the traffic light with the engine dead. Looks like the handbrake is still working partially.

In the 30 seconds of traffic light waiting I come out a route which can safely bring me back to the workshop. It was a blardy long journey where I had to prepare for sudden car stop, avoiding all the down slope by taking longer route, and estimation of how far from the traffic light I have to shift lower gear in order to bring my car to complete stop.

Later I found out some pump spoiled, the break oil was leaking from there. T says must be my enemy tried to kill me, poking a hole there, just like the Hong Kong drama series. I think my car to old liao la... need to change car soon. Total cost me RM73 to fix the problem.

I think my car maneuver skills went up a few level, gonna try out the Daytona again soon.

p/s : Just in case really got someone wanna kill me…
“To whoever that do this to my car, u will have karma
one, coz I know where to poke hole liao… Waahahahahaha… “


Blogger lunaticgal said...

yaya i experienced this before, the pump spoiled the oil leaking when u step on the break.. Psst~ got a sound out and not working..

dun worry, u can try to let it work abit by repeat stepping it.. :D

i also play w handbrake before..
hahaha need to move 45km/hr the whole road to prevent emergency stop, and turn from fourth gear to 3 2 then 1..

(it sounds so exccited!!! )

-.- i know its not fun at all...
my brake rosak juz cost me 200+rm on dunno wat..

ps: whose car older? :P

12:40 AM  
Blogger way said...

yeah... i tried repeat stepping, it still not working..
actually now i think back, kinda exciting la.. hehe..
my car older than me leh.. :p

5:47 PM  
Anonymous WQ said...


wei, when are u going back CNY wor...

5:49 PM  

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