Sunday, February 25, 2007

The anti-valentine tournament

Round 1
Pre-planned valentine day's gifts, spend less than RM200 for her presents during sale :)
Winner : The blardy hell conman businessman, because splendid_way still pay them.

Round 2
Survived without flowers, chocolates, and bears, estimated money saved > RM 200
Winner : Splendid_way

Round 3
Went to Taman Billion for western food. They got new expensive menu with limited dishes, no valentine decoration at all, no valentine package, but food and drinks cost more. Shared a sizzling lamb chop and a cup of watermelon juice, although the waitress keep asking "One enough ah ?"

See, that's the advantage of having a gf who doesn't ate a lot, and splendid_way's got a good reason to eat less coz his gf been complaining about his growing tummy... Half the price, yet still can enjoy lover's style food sharing. Some couples just walked away when they saw the new menu, really hero.

Winner : Tie

And for the overall winner : Splendid_way ( Thank you ~ thank you~ )
Why? Because without flowers, chocolates, and bears during valentines can score A++ already :p

Anyway when I was having dinner with my gf at the blardy hell western food place, I notice only the kid couples (less than 20 years old) bought flowers. Their gf happily holding flowers and dozens of bears. The more "mature" couples, like me, I didn't see anyone holding flowers, either they feel "pai seh" to show off like the young girls or their bf smart enough to avoid been slaughtered, like me :)

Wanna see the real winner? Click here


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