Sunday, May 13, 2007

Time flies... so fast...

I suddenly remembered I had such nice phone cover after replacing my old original nokia battery.

When I bought this phone cover, I was very much younger compare to now. I like the cover so much that I didn't open the package, and it had been lying in my drawer for years. There are times when I re-discover it during major room cleaning, but yet I didn't put it to use. Because I know that it won't last for a week due to my carelessness. Talk about that, there are lots of tiny little broken pieces falling out from my phone while I was cleaning and changing the cover yesterday, plus some malfunction buttons.

Only then I realized that I'm already too old to use such "cute" and "young" phone covers. This was further confirmed by my colleagues' ROTFLOL when they saw my phone. But if I would to keep it any longer, my phone would have died in the next catastrophe drop, which happens almost every week since the day I bought it. So here it is, rather than making me feel younger it reminds me I'm too old everytime I sees it :(

There are always things that I regretted that I never do, I had missed, or I'm too late to do. Despite that I always tell everyone that we should treasure the people and things around us, I sometimes still take things for granted, that things will still be there forever. But.... :(

And now I'm very much regretted that.... Why I didn't go eat cheese fondue more often before it closed...


Suppose to post this like, 1 month plus ago when WQ & I planned to go get cheesed. We end up eating Korean BBQ. Sigh, time flies so fast.


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